getting really discouraged please help

  1. getting really discouraged please help

    i have been training for 2 years now and every time i seem to bulk i just get fat i have followed really strict diets i have taken gainers supplements creatine everything and i cant ever seem to get the results that i want will someone please direct me in a better direction i really want to gain about 10 pounds or just lean out and stay the same weight my stats ar 5 foot 9 ish 172 lbs 14.5 inch arms they never grow when i bulk i got them to 16 and then when i leaned back out im dow to 14.5 again i hate it and all my lifts have went down i just feel like im gettng depressed by weightlifting please help im a noob and need alot of guidance

  2. Wrong section. I think you might want to post in the nutrition or training sections to get your workout / diet on track

  3. I think you should look at your training and start from scratch. Look at a 5x5 program, or Mark Rippetoes Starting Strength which I would highly recommend.
    In fact they have a spreadsheet with different routines, and you can track your progress each week. Well worth the time and effort, and don't forget that if you have other things going on in your life like a lot of stress that can be a factor in limiting your growth.
    You can definitely achieve your goals, look at taking a step back, and doing baby steps first.
    Hope this helps and I wish you the best!

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