Contemplating next cycle... Need wisdom... AM w/ SD kicker...

  1. Contemplating next cycle... Need wisdom... AM w/ SD kicker...

    So, its about to be that time. Two weeks will make 6weeks all natty... 14weeks-ish with no PH/roids - only sarms. Feeling awesome. Strength is still up... can't WAIT to see what this does to me. Its gonna be crazy.

    proposed cycle:

    wk1-8 andromass 6 pills/day OR wk1-6 8 pills/day ??? input on this greatly appreciated - I got two bottles
    wk1-3 superdrol 10mg/day
    wk1-8 herbs: horny goat weed, maca, moringa, chlorella, ashwuganda, tribulus, fenugreek, milk thistle, hawthorne berry, saw palmetto, catuaba, marie puama, yarrow, <--- i take the former almost daily along with another 3500-4000kcals in real food. I will eat as much as i possibly can on cycle.
    wk7-? osta and s4 in a bridge of some sort. osta at 15mg/day and s4 at 50mg/day
    wk8-12 torem
    wk8-12 hcgenerate
    wk1-fin fish 10g/day

    Starting weight is 182lbs. I'm 5'11:, so a super solid 200lbs would be awesome. Pretty lean... probably 10-12% bf. Lifts are still huge from previous hdrol cycle I did on 1 april 2o11. Goals for cycle are to BREAK 200lbs in mass. I want to rep 100lb dumbbells for 10x too. flat dumbbell bench is what I use as my staple of strength.

    Thinks i'm concerned about:
    *lethargy. I have read in a few logs that lethargy can be a problem with AM... and i've also read that SD can bring lethary, so we got it doubled up here... advice on this? experience with either? I have ephedra... might have to utilize it a little more than I do now...
    *Very worried about a wet on wet compound... I have letro on hand and forma. Should a small dose AI be run with the cycle or for after? Is estrogen conversion going to be an issue?

    Really excited about running these compounds. My diet will be clean, but monstrous. I will post befores and afters as always as well. I wanna keep it as safe as I can... the herbs I take cover cycle support almost completely, if not better. I just got 4 bottles of that DANK epistrong coming too... I think that's for another time, though...

    All comments and suggestions welcome.

  2. 8 caps e/d of the a/m and 10-20mg of superdrol.

    superdrol also is a dry, non aromatizing compound, as well as 1-dhea.

    i wouldn't worry at all about estrogen problems, and would advise agains an ai on cycle.
    but to start the ai around week 3 of the serm.

    i personally wouldn't expect 20lbs, but im sure it could happen. good luck.

  3. Yeah, I'm not holding my breath for 20lbs, but I can assure you that i'll be eating like a complete crazy person - everything in site.

    Here is the pic of the stash that is going to cause this transformation.

    Today is 9 August 2011 and i'm at 182lbs pretty lean. I'll get some pics up soon, but y'all can find some progress pics of a previous hdrol cycle I ran. Pretty good before/after pics avail in that thread: Helladrol Cycle Log

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    So, no AI and anything else that I should check out on cycle? I will be running torem in PCT and have access to pretty much anything. All suggestions welcome as I want this to be smooth. I have ephedra on hand and take it normally in the morning... I have heard that the AM+SD combo could be potentially extremely lethargy producing, and want to avoid that.

    200# here i come.

    Will have before pics tomorrow.

  4. Getting bloods done via labcorp tomorrow morning at o815. Hopefully all goes smooth... any insight on exactly what I should ask for? free test... test:estro... lipids... what else specifically?

    the last cycle started 1 april and ended 13 may... i did 4 wks pct w torem along with osta bridged into s4. last day of use for the s4 was 13 july. it was awesome and i feel great right now. i want to verify that everything is okay before i jump on all the **** above. i will let y'all know what happens for sure. i ran A LOT of **** for quite a time... def. feeling optimistic about the bloods, though bc proper support was always used and almost no alcohol was drank on this previous cycle: Helladrol Cycle Log

  5. Just used this coupon code at privatemdlabs... wugk2ehn

    $92 for female hormone profile and lipid profile...

    I wanna see how torn up my insides are before I start the AM/SD madness. I'm hoping they are pretty fine taking into account all the herbs and stuff I take daily. I feel awesome, and have for the past 4 weeks or so - been natty cose to 6 weeks. These numbers will be a good staple not only for someone who wants to know how jacked up your numbers get when you run 6wk hdrol at 100mg+/day then a proper pct with sarms and all. It will also give me a baseline for the next one, so i'm pumped to see what I find.

    Anyone know if eating something small can actually throw off my lipid numbers if I were to, say, have this done later today? It says to fast for 12-14 hrs... that's a big issue for me bc I have a fridge full of food...


  6. I would start the osta wk7 and the S4 wk 10, this will extend the total time your on the SARM's and will allow you to keep more muscle from the cycle. 5 on 2 off for the s4 to prevent the vision sides. As for the AM, go 6wks at the higher dose IMO

    Id grab some daa for pct too. use the needto139 code and its 17bux shipped to your door.

    As for the AI's, i would start them at wk3 of pct (wk 10) and run a lower dose til the SARM's are done. They will raise estrogen a bit, forma stanzol at 3-4 pumps am & pm will do the trick.

  7. As usual, thanks for solid advice. I'll check out the DAA - badass price and thanks for hook up.

    I just had bloods drawn. Super excited to see what's going on inside me. haha

    Got bloods ran yesterday morning. I have been off of everything for almost 4 weeks now. My last cycle was started 1 april 2011 and was hdrol. It ended 13 may 2011. I ran ostarine for 4 weeks into S4 for 4 weeks. All anabolics, serms, sarms, forma, anything, etc., was stopped 20 july 2011. I ran complete support throughout cycle. I regularly consume chlorella, spirulina, moringa, fenugreek, trib, and many more herbs in my morning shake - if anyone is interested in the complete list I'm happy to share... its just really long.

    My bloods are attached. Nothing pops out at me as extremely hazardous. Can y'all help interpret the results? I'm pretty happy with the way things are looking... I am feeling confident about starting AM/SD in a week or so. I was most worried about LDL and HDL, but they seem to be solid.

    Is a LH of 3.0 too low? It doesn't appear that I am shut down at all...
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  9. Bump for some interpretation of these results.

  10. If no one else has anything to say about these numbers I'll go ahead and plan to start the cycle next week. Is it beneficial to break the SD dose into two 5mg doses? One am and one preworkout? 8wks of AM @ 6 pills / day? 2 am, 2 preworkout, 2 pre bed?


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