Suggested Blood Work for Delayed Gyno Symptoms

  1. Suggested Blood Work for Delayed Gyno Symptoms

    Well, the title says it all, but here I go. My past prohormone usage includes H-Drol, E-Stane, and Dymethazine. I ran H-drol and E-stane without any issues and used I-Force Reversitol with no complaints. I decided to give Dymethazine a try and used Reversitol again. About 4 weeks into my cycle I began having nipple sensitivity with a slight clear discharge. I aborted the cycle and went ahead with the Reversitol and added Formestane to the mix. Now looking back, I realize mistakes were made, precautions weren't taken and I payed the price.

    I thought things were behind me, and the slight gyno that I received was not noticeable to the average person. Well, fast forward to last December when I began having sensitivities again, and I believe a slight amount of growth behind the nipple (have not ran anything since the Formestane for PCT). This has continue until now, and realizing that I made mistakes before, I hope to do my best to figure out what is going on, hence the need for blood work. I have had my estro and test levels tested last August, and the levels were fine, but now I feel that something is off. If it is of any benefit, I have been going through a lot of stress trying to find work, and notice sometimes the pain corresponds with the stress. With that said, I am hoping to find someone with expertise (or experience) in this area and find out which levels I should get tested. I am thinking Estro, Test, and Progesterone, possibly cortisol, but am open to opinions. Thanks for the help in advance.

  2. Bump for some suggestions.

  3. heres a thought, "full hormone panel"

    that means everything... then go pm the matrix and give him the results

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