Test,deca, and tren cycle info!!

  1. Test,deca, and tren cycle info!!

    What's up everyone. I have a trainer buddy of mine that's setting me up on a cycle. And would like tO get some feedback on it. He's setting me up on deca, tren, and test.
    I'm looking to gain some nice mass while trying cut some belly fat. I refuse to take winstrol in this stack so this is wat he set me up with. I'm 5'6. About 195 ibs. I have decent fit body except for my belly. I'm looking to loose it and shape up alittle. What do u guys think as far as results or gains of musle and loss of fat. Imma be running this cycle for 16 weeks. I don't know the exact dosage info right now but will keep posted with next days. Thanx

  2. So you don't know what dosages you are taking, your friend is setting it up for you, you mention nothing about precautionary compounds or PCT, and you are running two harsh compounds for your first cycle. Sounds like nothing could possibly go wrong.

  3. and your running two TWO 19-nor compounds- horrible ****ing cycle dude
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  4. could skip all this silly business and just do prop + t3/clen.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  5. It's gonna be
    600mg test/ weekly,
    500mg deca/weekly,
    450 mg tren/ weekly
    For 16 weeks. Followed by a 8 post recovery cycle

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Furious405 View Post
    It's gonna be
    600mg test/ weekly,
    500mg deca/weekly,
    450 mg tren/ weekly
    For 16 weeks. Followed by a 8 post recovery cycle
    not good man, thats like moderate dose of deca and tren. i hope you dont get problems with this. id do one OR the other not both by any means
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  7. This is a bad choice for someone who never tried steroids... You friend is out of his mind. I would reccomend you to do a research before trying steroids, you can drop body fat by dieting and doing cardio. Steroids are extreme man... stay away if you don't know what you are doing


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