Please review and advise on my first time PH cycle; SUS500

  1. Please review and advise on my first time PH cycle; SUS500

    I am doing my first ever cycle and using SUS500. I know, I know its a designer and many say it's not for a first time PH cycle. However, I got it before the ban and I am going to use it for 4 weeks, 2 pills a day. I am 36 yrs old, 5 ft 9" and body fat is right at 10%. My diet is and will be spot on before, during and after the cycle. To help liver and general health I am planning on using CYCLE SUPPORT for 2 weeks before my 4-week SUS500 cycle and during the cycle. For PCT (and in case of gyno) I am planning on Nolvadex at 40-20/20/20/10. I plan on using CYCLE SUPPORT for 4 weeks after cycle. I am using CYCLE SUPPORT to keeps things simple (all in one product) so I dont have to buy and take tons of supplements.

    I have just a few questions:

    1) Does the above look good? Anything I should change or add?

    2) How much CYCLE SUPPORT should I take 2 weeks prior to cycle, during cycle and post cycle? Is CYCLE SUPPORT the way to go? What is a better brand or product?

    3) Is there anything else beside the CYCLE SUPPORT and Nolvadex I need to take pre, during and post cycle?

    Thanks in advance for the help and for all you guys do to educate rookies like me.

  2. thats sd and dienolone.... if im not mistaken.... you dont need that for your first cycle

    look into JUST sd by itself... its not good for a first cycle either but better than adding dienolone
    cycle support isnt needed(personal opinion)

    maybe just grab some hawthorn berry and sam-e for blood pressure & liver

    superdrol makes me lactate (ive tried a few diff clones and the original) so you might wanna have some caber prami or bromo on hand along with letro in case gyno starts up

    the tren(not actually tren) is gunna shut you down/kill your libido/might give you gyno

    last thing u might want to consider is using clomid in pct as tamoxifen can up regulate progesterone receptors = gyno

    i know about 15 people that took that sus 500 and they all have gyno - mostly from running it improperly, but they all got big for a month or 2...
    Quote Originally Posted by alwaysgaining View Post
    I've also done fasting and doseing and felt grealt anabolicness , deffint hunger but I'm stronger than that keep full and vascular and strength gose up

  3. These stacked products are dumb. Dont use them there dosed terrible.

  4. Thanks for all the help and advice Swollen87. You say you know 15 people that took SUS500 incorrectly. What did they do that was wrong? Did their mistake lead to gyno?



  5. their mistake was using these two compounds without knowing anything.

  6. find some helladrol/h drol or Epi strong/epistane. Those are first timer compounds. The one you picked would have been a mistake, sh!t i wouldnt even run it.

    You should be taking about 10 caps of fish oil ED on cycle. It will do a number of things, also a multi vit. Nolva and HCGenerate/phytoserm's 347 will be alright for PCT. But i would also get a bottle of forma stanzol too. It will keep estrogen down. Run it at 3-5 sprays twice ED, it should last 6wks ish that way. You want it especially for estrogen rebound which happens when you stop PCT supps and serm's. So nolva + hcgenerate for 4wks, forma for 6wks.

  7. Thanks jbryand101b and gymrat for the advice. Why is SUS500 so bad for a first time cycle versus 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc cycle. I know a few guys that did SUS500 2 years ago and had great results (one was a first timer). If i don't go with the SUS500 I already have, what do you all recommend for first time that I can still buy in US?

    Thanks again for all the help and advice guys. Taking the time to help a rookie like me shows that you love the sport, this site and most of all you are all great guys for lending a hand.


  8. nothing wrong with using it as a first time. but it isn't recomended because you have zero idea how your going to react to supra physiological dosages of a methylated steroid/s, and this could lead to a lot of problems, most notable, man boobs.

    gyno is just one possible side effect of androgens. it is a possible side effect because some people may or may not experience those side effects.

    if you read up on all the good, and more of the bad experiences, and you still want to run a more riskier compound/s, then go for it, at least you wont be suprised when something bad happens.

    hd is a compound that like any other androgen, has potential side effects, but when compared to others, it is the least riskiest compound, meaning you are more likely to not experience any negative side effects of supraphysiological dosages of androgens, but they are still possible.

    would you get in your car and drive blind folded? probably not. why? because you know you may or may not crash,

    hd is a shear blind fold with small holes in it, sd/pro dienolone is a black blindfold, and data based facts will be your tools to poke holes in that blind fold.

  9. jbryand101, what would you recommend then for a first time cycle that I can still buy in the US?

  10. 4 chloro dehydro methyl androstenediol, which is better known as hdrol.

    50mg e/d for 4-6 weeks. i'd say go 6 weeks and 75mg if you have a serm and are feeling great the 3rd week at 50mg's.

    a simple, and for the most part, safe and def effective first cycle, the only thing i'd say if you want to stack, would be to get a bottle of 4ad from ams to run for the first 4 weeks pre w/o with the hd, but isn't needed, it would just make things better.


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