long term liver damage

  1. long term liver damage

    so i usually consider myself as someone who's never taken ph/aas, which actually isnt true, i just dont count my 1 'cycle' because it was an uninformed, uneducated cluster f--k of a 'cycle' (i use that term loosely).

    basically, when i was 18-19 (6-7 years ago) i tried some gaspari methyl-d (methyldienolone, banned around 2004) as the guy at the nutrition shop basically told me as long as im 18 im good to go, and 'it doesnt require any anti-estrogen, etc'. so i used it hesitantly, taking only 1 tab a day (i think back then they were like 1mg tabs, but were supposed to be strong enough to only need 1-3 a day) for a couple weeks, then took 2 a day for about another week or so (i dont even know if i finished the bottle). i kind of dumped the cycle because some guy at the gym heard i was taking that and was immediately like 'dude, you need to get some 3-oxo (or whatever it was called back then)' which i did, and then ran until the bottle of that ran out.

    i literally saw nothing in those few weeks... no noticeable strength gains, size gains, acne, oily skin, increase/decrease in hair, sex drive, etc, which is why i usually 'omit' this cycle from my history (when i say ive never taken ph's, etc)

    out of curiosity, i just looked the stuff up to see what it was (and because, due to the name, it was obviously methylated)... i remember drinking (getting drunk) while taking it from time to time as a typical high school junior/senior, and after hearing about its toxicity its got me worried about permanent damage i might have done to my liver.

    needless to say, i didnt give my liver a break throughout college... and the only time i remember ever having any sort of blood test done was one time in college about 3 years ago when i was really sick. im not sure if that tested for liver values or not, but they didnt say that anything was abnormal.

    basically, my question is, what kind of long term effects could this have had? i pretty much had forgotten about it because of how long ago it was, but now im worried i might have done something to my liver and never gave it time to repair. i have no symptomatic reasons to think this, just a theory, and because liver problems dont seem to show too much externally.

    would the blood test they ran when trying to determine what was wrong with me when i was sick a few years ago (turned out to be an respiratory infection of some sort) have shown if my liver was out of wack? would i have noticed any external effects (jaundice, etc) by now? has it been long enough to assume im ok, or could i wake up one day all f'cked up?
    sorry...im kind of a hypochondriac

  2. sn: situations like this is why i can relate to people who go into a store and believe what theyre being told by someone who they see for supps on a regular basis.... now that i know my stuff to an extent, this is ALSO why it infuriates me that people even do business at places like complete nutrition (at least around here) where the guy has his 'nutrition' degree sitting behind the counter while he explains to kids that are only 17 that the 'steroids' he carries have no side effects and are completely safe

  3. thanks for the reply... i guess my worries come from alcohol consumption.... my freshman year of college (only a couple years after taking the methyl-d) i drank (usually liquor) about 3 nights a week..... i dont even drink liquor anymore, nor do i drink as often, i was just worried the methyl+the alcohol did some serious damage, and the continuation of the alcohol prevented it from ever properly healing... i always assumed i was in the clear because i never noticed anything, in fact, i had forgotten about the cycle almost completely, now that i remembered it, i started to worry.

    anyone ever have experience with that stuff? some older threads from different forums seemed to indicate it was kind of garbage... like i said, i noticed nothing, but i was only taking 1 tab a day for the most part, and didnt really follow a good dosing regimine... but i also heard it had some bad batches or was very underdosed (my experience kept me from pursuing any other cycles thereafter, which in hindsight, i guess is a good thing)

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