SD : will everyone know I am ON

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  1. Just tell whoever asks that you're taking vitamins you bought at!!!

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Sklander View Post
    Yeah, just tell them you're on a new kind of Creatine. lol

    lol ! tell them its a new liquid creatine (which they do have but its garbage by the way ) and it a liqua-vade hormone transport complex like the primordial stuff.

  3. Some people will probably suspect you are but who cares. Once you're on your not going to give a **** anyway because you'll be feeling like God and bitches will be flocking to you (atleast this was my experience with my first SD run lol).

    And if people do ask if your on steroids, just say "yup I eat them for breakfast lunch and dinner" and then laugh lol. Works most of the time haha.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by GeekPoop View Post
    doubt it unless theyve used anabolics themselves. you can spot out anabolic users once youve used them yourself. stick out like sore thumbs
    Not necessarily.

    I have friends who have used and now they think they can spot juicers from a mile away. Coincidentally, any guy with a lean/muscular physique in our gym is "on cycle."

    It's pretty annoying how after a cycle people suddenly fancy themselves experts at spotting fellow users.

  5. Just show em an old MuscleTech magazine ad and tell em that's where the 15lbs came from. It says so in print. I'm sure it's true.

    Honestly though, just keep tellin em you're eating more + creatine.

  6. how about you just wear a big shirt?

    or do u have to wear the string tees? lol

  7. Quote Originally Posted by tumtum View Post
    how about you just wear a big shirt?

    or do u have to wear the string tees? lol
    I mainly can't have people at work find out. I will probably wait until fall to do the SD and then I can wear loose fitting long sleeve shirts. I don't care if people at the gym know or suspect. Plenty of guys at the gym much bigger than me who incidentally are always talking about taking some new kind of creatine.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Sklander View Post
    My simple answer: "Steak and eggs, chief, steak and eggs..."
    Bout the steak... The butcher I go to for my meats called me out for taking steroids when I was on. It was pretty awkward, he kept drilling at me but I stuck to my story of "bulking" with all their good steak. The girl I sit next to at college questioned me about it too... Yeah, expect people to notice. I gained 21lbs off super, thats hard to not notice tho
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    Just tell them you use cell tech.
    Best post ever LOLOLOLOL

  10. the dude who spots you on benchpress will know
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  11. say your loading some creatine and its making you hold a little water. then say "best dam creatine i have ever used!"
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  12. im on a 30 mg ED run of superdrol
    just past week one and have gained 7 lbs

    my first run wasnt even close to this insane, as week 3 was where i really noticed my weight gains..already got a comment about it

    its gonna be pretty hard to deny by the 4th week

    gonna be following this thread closely for good excuses..rofl creatine


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