1st ever cycle hdrol?

  1. 1st ever cycle hdrol?

    thinking about doing my first cycle and ive herd the hdrol is a great beginner cycle. I still have a lot of research to do but if someone could get me on the right path that would be great! also i read that it can increase blood pressure, and i have some what high blood pressure to begin with so im wondering if that will be a problem?

    age 21

    lifting for 1.5 yrs 3-4 days a week

  2. H-drol is great for beginners - probably the best PH. It does cause high blood pressure, but not as bad as the other PHs. You can take aspirin with it if you feel you need to be regulated, and many support stacks like CELs Cycle Assit contain supps to help your blood pressure. You can always add in some Hawthorne Berry or Garlic (both are around or under $5 at walmart, Walgreens, etc.) as they both hit BP.

    Many stores that sell vitamins and supps also cell BP pills. I know Twin Labs has or had a Blood Pressure Success (I think thats what it was called) that got some good reviews

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