Test and Superdrone Question

  1. Test and Superdrone Question

    Current Cycle: Test C started @350mgs for 6 weeks( wanted to start low as I am coming back from an injury), bumped up to 450mgsfor 2 weeks now, going on until 12 weeks
    Superdrone - 20 mg/day, (10mg morning and night), Started 2 days ago, will continue for 2, maybe 3 weeks if no noticeable sides (maybe not if nuts shrink too much )

    Age: 26, 200lbs, 8% bodyfat, coming back from labrum tear surgery in Spertember
    Cycle History - 1st - Test [email protected]/week for 12 weeks and [email protected] 20mg for 3 [email protected]
    2nd - Test E @ 400mgs/wk, [email protected] 300mgs/week, and superdrone 2.5 [email protected]/day

    I have a question about sensitive nipples, which I think I am knowledgable enough on this, but always good to be safe. I have had sensitive nips a couple of times so far this cycle and knocked it out with [email protected] per day for 4 days each time. I started superdrone 2 days ago and the sensitive nipples are back, just took 20mg nolva, but was wondering if I should take some low dose letrozole to go ahead and kill the excess estrogen I am obviously producing instead of nolvadex, particularly since I am taking superdrone (prolactin possibilities)?

    Also, how bad does superdrone shut you guys down? My nuts are already just a little smaller since I started superdrone on Sunday (I remember experiencing this with the larger 2nd cycle a year or two ago).

    Also taking GNC liver formula and milk thistle while on superdrone.

    Thanks for helping out guys =)

  2. letro will help, Ive never had gyno so I only know so much. But i do know Letro is used by many to help with your issues.

    While on an oral you really should be on a all in one cycle support product like N2GAURD, life support, etc

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