Epi or hdrol or stacked...

  1. Epi or hdrol or stacked...

    Looking to run a 6 week cycle... It will be my third cycle...Ran epimints ( sucked only at 15mg uneducated) (beastdrol) I know two orals are a no no but it's no di mythl like sd... So like the same damage?

    Should I Run straight epi 30/30/40/40/40/40

    Straight hdrol 50/75/75/75/75/75

    Or should I do a stack of both? Like 30/50?

    Or should I do a stack of something else... Looking to gain 10-15lbm... Thanks

  2. I'm looking to run Epi solo as my Next run. I have ran hdrol but i wish I would have ran it longer because the gains start to come around 15 days in and I only did a 4 weeker

  3. Hmm... Maybe a nice lil stack.... Or solo... Not sure what I wanna do... I'm thinking epi solo will gain me 10lbs.... Maybe 30/30/40/40/40.... Didn't gain much on epi before but like I said it was epi mints which was gay.... So I'm gonna try it all out... Ibe epistane 2 bottles I'm thinking...
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    I ran epi bridged into h-drol. I liked the epi portion of it much better. I dosed the h-drol fairly high on the back end, too, and didn't notice all that much.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by MidwestBeast View Post
    I ran epi bridged into h-drol. I liked the epi portion of it much better. I dosed the h-drol fairly high on the back end, too, and didn't notice all that much.
    IDK why? i love and mean LOVE h drol at 100/125, get great results from it. I dont get the much from Epi unless its and 50mg+

    If you going to stack them I would do it like this

    H drol

  6. Wow really hdrol that high?!? Any bloods after? Like liver values?

    I was gonna use halovar...

  7. The highest I would run haladrol at is 100mg. Should be good gains

  8. ive gone to 150mg of halo. Most people who have experience dont even run it. Those that do will dose it high. (125mg). Its mainly for people's first or 2nd run.

    Most exp'ed users dont run it because they have moved on to more powerful stuff.

    Try to find a company rep whose running it or another well known guy around here...

  9. Maybe I'll just go epi then... Seems like everyone is getting good solid gains off it...

    Kinda wanted to run a stack... But no one product has epi and another something...

  10. If thinking of hdrol.. Look st helladrol.. More for your money.. And mrsupps can prolly hook you up with a discount

  11. 62.99 with the 10% discount

  12. Hmm... I did beastdrol from mr. Sups... N I honestly this it was underdosed... Or something... Only gained 4lbs but was eating 2000 over maintenance..... Makes me think there goin downhill... With prices through the roof on hcgenerate...

  13. I just finished a cycle of hdrol at 6 weeks, I ran 50,75,75,75,75,75 and loved it. It was during a bulk, i was weighing in at about 190 before and 206 after, just finish my pct, torem for 4 weeks, still weighing in at 206, maintained all my strength gains, I ate a good amount of food but not much more than I normally did, gained a little fat but gained alot of muscle, people in and out of the gym definitely noticed the size difference. So to say the least, I was very surprised and happy at the results I got from a mild Pro hormone like Hdrol. I would recommend it and plan on using it again.


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