Upcoming First Cycle: Helladrol

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  1. cycle looks well planned, you can dose katana(Orastan/Furuza) 300mg and higher but it gets expensive.
    250/300/350/350/400 0r 250/350/350/350/350

  2. Just an update: Today marks the start of week 5 and I'm up to a solid 205 with it all appearing to be lean, and I'm really enjoying the cycle overall.

    I have a few questions as the time for PCT approaches. The SERM is ready to go (Torem) starting on day one of PCT. As for the rest, I have quite the arsenal on hand for PCT purposes as I have good connections, so I'm just clarifying a few things in advance.

    My main questions are:

    1. Lean Xtreme: Would you advise starting this on the first day of PCT? Also, how many caps a day is ideal and what are the optimal times for dosing? I'm really excited about this product as I've heard good things and am anxious to give it a run.

    2. Erase: I'm planning on waiting until at least the start of the 3rd week to start this AI as since the SERM is binding the receptors and the elevated levels will encourage the rise of natural testosterone. Is this the time that you would recommend starting? Also, once again, what dosage and best times to take it.

    3. I also have PCT Assist on hand which has Ant-Estrogen properties to it. Would it be necessary with the Erase, and if you would recommend it, would you suggest I wait until the start of the Erase as well?

    Once again, thanks for your time!

  3. PMed you

  4. Great thread for starters I plan on starting the same cycle when I turn 20(I know), just researching for the meantime

    Cycles are rather pricey and I haven't even found where to get a SERM yet :/
    Always willing to learn :D

  5. Quote Originally Posted by TheDarkHalf
    PMed you
    Thanks again for the clarification man. I'm a big believer in being over prepared.

  6. Wait till your 23-24....save your money! You don't want to be cycling when you're in college.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by TheDarkHalf View Post
    Wait till your 23-24....save your money! You don't want to be cycling when you're in college.
    ^^This. Use your youth to your advantage and wait to cycle. Your hormone levels should be high enough at 20 to make incredible gains that us that aren't so young anymore can no longer do...
    Recoverbro Elite
    "This is what we've been working on"

  8. Ya at a young age... EAT EAT and lift your ass off... You'll grow like a weed. I think the biggest problem is younger guys aren't eating like they should be.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by RickRock13 View Post
    Dose twice a day. Helladrols half life is around 12 hours and I am not sure on Katana but I'm pretty sure its shorter.

    I would dose AM then 8-10 hours later. Just make sure and take your support supps 2-4 hours after dosing the compounds as it can block the androgen receptor and effect gains.

    Rest days should be dosed just like training days
    "support supps" as in liver support such as N2 guard or Cycle Assist? or do you mean fish oil, multi, joint support etc...?
    can i take my fish oil, multi, joint support, tuarine, DHEA, vitamin c with helladrol in the morning?


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