Ctting Stack - Clen + T3 + Nolva + Letro + Androgel

  1. Ctting Stack - Clen + T3 + Nolva + Letro + Androgel

    I have a slight amount of pre-existing gyno, and also want to cut.
    I've never done an aas cycle or anything other than OTC test boosters.

    I was thinking clen + t3 + androgel + nolvadex + letrozole
    and of course calorie defeceit.

    any thoughts?

  2. just to clarify:

    Clen + T3 for obvious reasons
    Androgel 5mg to overcome some of the catabolic effects of T3
    Nolva and Letro for pre-existing gyno, since they're more like estro pockets and to also waive any undesired effect from the Androgel.
    (I've always read that SERM + Anti-Aratomase is better than SERM alone due to rebound effect)

    I realize this is a very expensive stack to run, but will it give me maximum cutting with minimum sides?

  3. I wouldnt run nolva during my cycle. I, personally wouldnt run letro at all. I had bad sexual sides from letro. If u just have to run it, run it real freakin low, then use the nolva for pct.

  4. i've read about the possiblity of an estrogen "rebound" effect that can occur after getting off nolva, if its run by itself.. that's why i wanted to add an anti-aromatase with the SERM



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