Prohormones, conversion in body, and stacking.

  1. Prohormones, conversion in body, and stacking.

    From my experience, mainly stemming from 4ad cyp—I can now say full heartedly say that prohormones indeed have their place. 1200mg 4ad cyp weakly front loaded with 2400mg drove my libido through the roof even though my cattle were given 75mg tren ace ed.

    The place where things get murky is the fact that we just don’t seem to know how much a persons’ body can convert into the intended hormone. At some point the dosage has to be overkill since we only have so much 3BHD enzyme to work with. It would be foreseeable that if one were stacking such a dose of 4ad cyp with lets say M1,4add, either only part of one compound or none at all for that matter would go through conversion; after all, who’s to say one competing compound wouldn’t have a better affinity for the conversion process than the other. Maybe in the case where M1,4add was used a person should opt for something that requires no conversion such as 1-test cyp for a base compound (cringe at a test-less cycle), or at least until cessation of the methyl-ph. Intrinsic values of doil compounds are also another interesting matter although nothing I’ve seen shows clear evidence of this other anecdotal reports. Any Thoughts?
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  2. Okay I am failing to understand what the purpose of this post is?

  3. Sorry if the post sounded a little scattered, cleaned it up a bit. just figured this would be the right place to get a discussion going on this...
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