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    let me tell you about this guy I met the other day. He is 25 years old, was a pro fighter, now he has cancer and he's dying. This guy did just about every oral steroid out there including m1t, anadrol, andriol, dbol....several others. He has seen the best doctors at emory and duke as well as other hospitals. The cancer he has is in his lymph case you didnt know, andriol is absorbed thru the lymphatic system...think theres any correlation? I'll let you decide. Meeting this guy really made me rethink my goals and what I wanted to do with myself...I mean, this bro has CANCER, hes 25 years old, and the doctors (and himself) say that the only reason he has this cancer is steroids....

    ...everyone needs to think about this, and pray for this bro, hes going thru some tough times with chemo and everything...

    sorry to bring everyone down.

  2. how long was he using?

  3. Hmmm, cancer of the what, lymph nodes? Or being spread by the lymph nodes? Big difference. Also, one would expect to see the liver affected also, since you are making a correlation between the orals and the cancer and the liver is the 'first pass'. I would also question the docs linking the orals to the cancer diagnosis. Possible, but easy out for them. The cancer correlation to the AAS use seems questionable. What is possible is that the person in question already had cancer developing and the AAS use stimulated the cells. But, since we are all individuals and AAS use affects us differently anything is possible. Cancer is scary! I guess what I am trying to say is that this may not be a cause and effect situation.

  4. I totally agree, correlation is not necessarily causation...he has cancer of the lymph nodes, as far as I know, it did not spread to the lymph nodes. The steroid profiles by big cat state anadrol and andriol can cause cancerous mutations....

    anyhow he said he used started using when he was 21, and now hes 25 and has cancer...take care of yourselves folks.

  5. There has never been any research that has confirmed a link between cancer and steroids, like between cigaretts and cancer, Lyle Alzado felt that his brain cancer was caused by steroids but his own doctors disputed it. Young people sometimes get cancer and die, I knew this guy a few years ago who was in his 30's, suddenly he couldn't keep his food down, he went to the doctor, it was cancer and he only had a few months to live.. I tend to think it doesn't cause cancer in any significant way, how many people do we know on these boards that have come down with cancer over the years?, if these were cigarette smoking boards bros would be droping dead like flys..

  6. The Lyle Alzado thing was diproved I do believe..

  7. It sucks, but some people are more susceptable to cancer.

    Look at smokers. You'll find some 95 year old men who have been smoking 2 packs of unfiltered Camels a day for 80 years with no health problems whatsoever. And you'll find some 30 year old men who got lung cancer from a couple years of smoking a half a pack of Marb Ultra Lights a day. The genetic lottery can be harsh.

    That said, while I have little doubt that steroids can contribute to cancer (meaning, if the cancer's already there, they can make it worse), I have a hard time believing that this dude's doctors told him that the only thing that could have caused his cancer is gear.

    In any case, it's extremely sad, and I hope his cancer goes into remission. However, this being such a rare case, I doubt his unfortunate story will give many people here any pause before their next cycle.


  8. Listen,
    my cousin is a healthy guy,28, never had any real illness...

    he has stomach pains one day, loses 20 lbs in 2 weeks.

    goes to the emerg. room , hes got a malignant mass in his abdomen the size of a cantelope, it is attached to his stomach, colon, pancreas, spleen, they did not detect it in his liver yet.

    they found it in his liver after that he is going through chemo too.

    In his case it was genetic, or hereditary, they think.



  9. There are hundreds if not thousands of people in his age group that are diagnosed with lymph cancer (Hodgkins, Non-Hodkins, etc.) each year. I doubt even 1% of them have taken steroids. I am not discounting the possibility, but the doctor is being a little careless to imply a definitive link to the steroids. If you told me that he was having heart or endocrine problems at a premature age then I may be more inclined to blame the steroid use.

  10. That's probably one of the most ridiculous things i have heard. Everytime someone gets cancer, it's the steroids.

    Guess what, your lymph nodes don't process the steroid, your liver does. so if you are going to get cancer, it will be of the liver. That doctor is an idiot.

    Go to pubmed and start reading about cancer and steroids. Only 1 friggin case can be linked directly to steroids and this is with "doctors" who prescribed methylated oral steroids for someone who has liver disease!

    So come off it. he got cancer because

    1. it's genetic
    2. enviromental factors aggravated his genetics.
    3. he ate something carcinogenic by accident
    4. some nasty virus messed up his lymphatic system, your lymph system is a big chunk of your immune system resides.


  11. Quote Originally Posted by Boss_K
    I totally agree, correlation is not necessarily causation...he has cancer of the lymph nodes, as far as I know, it did not spread to the lymph nodes. The steroid profiles by big cat state anadrol and andriol can cause cancerous mutations....

    anyhow he said he used started using when he was 21, and now hes 25 and has cancer...take care of yourselves folks.
    Four years of use and he's gotten cancer? BS. Even if the dosages he took were so huge that they had the same effect on his DNA that a high dose of radiation would do, it would still take decades for the cancer to develop. BS that the doc said that it was his steroids that caused it too.


  12. dam im sorry to hear that. lymph node cancer is one of the most dangerous cancers out there since the lymph sytem responsible for many molecules reabsorption, and its sprads all over the body. people with this type of cancer weaken every day till they face their fate.

    however i dont belive steroids for causing the cancer, maybe its a factor, but not the main factor. if steroids going to cause a cancer then its prostate cancer, which very common in men.

  13. The lymph nodes are also critical for the immune system.
    I'm sorry to hear about your friend and I hope he recovers and lives a long and happy life.

  14. I agree the case is very sad but can't be linked to AAS use with any degree of certainty.

    I also inclined to go with the notion that if he had the beginings of cancer, AAS might exacerbate the situation but are not necessarily the cause.

  15. Too bad about the man, but it's easy to blame roids because they have such a bad reputation. Just like when Lyle Alzado blamed roids for his cancer/tumor. He did admitt to using roids non-stop for years at a time. If abused, they can be harmful just like many other things, but I don't see how they could be so lethal when used appropriately and in moderation.


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