Vitex agnus castus

  1. Vitex agnus castus

    Anybody have or know off any studies on this 'Vitex agnus castus' or chaste berry, from what i have read it stimulates the pituitary gland to produce LH, and has some effects on Progesterone levels. Anybody use it, have an opinion?


  2. The only use I know of is to lower progesterone & prevent prolactin-induced gyno from deca or tren.

  3. I have used it during a 4AD/m1T cycle where I was starting to get mildly puffy nips. It did seem to help reduce the symptoms but it also seemed to put me in a very foul mood. Purely anecdotal of course, but that's what I noticed.

  4. It gives me nothing whatsover except really bad headaches. I've never heard of it doing this to anyone else, but everytime I take it - migraine time.

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