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New and curious.

  1. New and curious.

    Ok, so recently while looking up supplements and seeing if anything caught my eye and it did. I came across AndroHard and the rest of the series. Now im going to admit this straight out ( and hopefully you guys can provide useful information other than just saying "dont do it unless you research it" ...etc. because, well, this is my research ) I have no knowledge of this side of the spectrum for supplements and such and was wondering if i was looking for more definition than mass, what should i take, AH, AL, or both. What the cycle time should be ( on and off ). If it's overall safe ( ie. am i going to grow a nice set of knockers if i decide to stop ). Should I still take protein with it or a heads up of ANY other things I should take ( or shouldn't ). I just want to know everything that needs to be known about the product before I venture into experimenting.
    Thanks in advance, I know it seems like a lot to ask but I just want to be sure, and I'm sure others will find this helpful too for those stuck in my position.

    Note: As I said I'm inexperienced for this type of "supplementing"? so if you're going to say things like PCT, please give a short explanation.

  2. First off....PCT=Post Cycle Therapy.Its to get everything back up and running like its supposed to be to put it simple(and keep your gains).Androhard isnt a rough PH,you will need a PCT afterwards but not even near the extent if you were to run Epistane(a methylated Pro-Hormone).Its also not that really liver toxic(if at all).Of course,ive never used it,but as it states.....

    # Naturally occurring
    # Anti-estrogenic
    # Non toxic

    Its probably the safest PH out now(or the whole line of AndroSeries).Its also supposed to have minimal effect on lipid levels.And to tell you the truth,you shouldnt get gyno from it....a quote....

    "AndroHard is equivalent to 191mg/week of injectable DHT enantahte beyond the clinically proven dose for preventing and reversing gyno."

    For the next few months i would do some heavy researching,look over AnabolicMinds,threads,differen t PH logs,if you look at the sticky's located at the top as soon as you click on to "Anabolic's",you will learn everything you need to.Good Luck.
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