Tren Precontest?

  1. Tren Precontest?

    Well, have been dieting for the last 10 weeks or so doing a carb cycling approach. Have been getting nice results as far as leaning out and muscle retention. I have never done a competition and for some reason felt I should see what all this hard work will result in so I signed up for a show in 7 weeks!!! I know that its very soon but hey it will be fun to see how I do. Im pretty lean now, abs, obliques very visible with vascularity running up from my pelvic region. My question is, I just found out this contest ISNT TESTED! this means these other competitiors are going to be Juiced the **** up or what? point is I need gear to help preserve and harden me up to look my best but how would I incorporate it? I ordered fina and will have that available and thought running Mo4hn aside it. lets say I ran tren 5-6 weeks out with the mo4hn, how would I dose accordingly and how long do I run after the show? Would tren at 30-37 mgs ed give proges. bloat problems injecting up until the show? Should I drop fina before the show and carry on with something else? Man Im puzzled, any help would be super.

  2. Well I don't know anything about contest but tren is far more likely to dehydrate you then cause bloat. as far as cutting up winny and fina are king. bump for someone that know about shows.

  3. Stick with 75mg EOD tren.. I'm not sure about the M4ohn since it's new, but 100mg test prop with the tren works wonders, and very minimal bloat.. Run those two up until the day if the show, or 3 days prior if you have trouble drying out..

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