2nd cycle... IBE Protomax

  1. 2nd cycle... IBE Protomax

    Ok so I'm deciding to run a Proto cycle. I ran one 4 week cycle of epi a year ago. I did pretty well I'm 5'8 180lbs about 11% body fat (was 165 at 12% before the epi) been working out for 2.5 years taken a few months of here and there durring that time though. I will run this. I'm 26(almost 27) years old. I will be unable to have a "perfect diet" due to my location and I'd rather not say more than that, however I will be around 3k calories a day hopefully over more than I am under that mark.

    I will run the cycle for six weeks at 75mg's a day.

    Support supps are
    Orange Triad
    Fish Oil 4 a day
    CEL Cycle assit (4am and 4pm)
    Not going to do Taurine as I did not experiance back pumps while on epi except when I tried running for long distances (over a mile not on a tredmill)
    Whey Isolate protein

    Diet will be something along the lines of this

    Breakfast 0700
    4 whole eggs scrambled
    4-6 pieces of bacon
    Toast/bagel/cheerios (low fat milk)
    2 tabs Fish Oils
    1 proto

    +2hrs 2 scoops whey isolate protein (54grams)
    4 CEL cycle assist
    3 Orange Triade

    1200 Lunch
    will consist of a meat, veggie, and carb.. most likely 2 pieces of chicken, rice, and green beans or some kind of "mixed veggie"

    +3hrs work out
    Post workout 2 scoops whey Isolate (54grams) 1 scoop multi Dex (30g)

    1800 Dinner
    Probably again Chicken or beef veggie and carb. Salad is usually served with dinner, chicken, or pork or beef and rice or baked potatoe..
    2 tabs Fish Oil
    4 Cel cycle Assit
    3 Orange Triads

    and a snack, maybe tuna/chicken or some trail mix.

    In bed by 2200

    PCT will be..
    Cycle Assist
    Torem 90/60/60/30
    Fish Oils
    Multi Vitamin (orange triad or ON)
    Test Force 2
    (thinking about putting in some creatine I have creapure on hand)

    I understand my calories are not going to be "ideal" I'm looking to lean out a little bit and maintain my 180 weight. I'd like to see my abs a little bit more and get that beach bod for when I come home in a few months....

    hopefully I don't get flamed for this to much...

  2. looks fine. expensive, but fine.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by jbryand101b View Post
    looks fine. expensive, but fine.

    expensive??? u mean with the protein and supports? I really didn't think I had all that much. I mean hell my PCT was WAY more for epi I had cort blockers, natty test boosters, vitamins, serm, and a regular anti E....

    I know Orange triad is pricey, and cycle assist isn't really "cheap" but I mean this doesnt seem to pricey to me? maybe its because I acquried each part of the cycle over time?

  4. you got 2 bottles right?

  5. protomax can be had for $21.99 a bottle

  6. yes I got two bottles I think I got them for 19.99 each? sadly not everything is 90capsules for 30 bucks like epi *sigh*
  7. SGTgreen
    SGTgreen's Avatar

    yeah but you're probably going to want to bump that to 100mg's

  8. I've read that 75 is the "sweet spot" obviously if I'm loving it and can I will bump it to 100mg's in the last 2-3 weeks. I just dont want it to be like when I took my epistane and went from 30 up to 40 and started being emotional.. yeah the workouts were great but my personal life suffered haha

  9. Subbed...you're not over 200LBs so 75mg may be just right for you. Looks like a solid plan.
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