SO HGH Prescription? For me?! Dont mind if i do!

  1. SO HGH Prescription? For me?! Dont mind if i do!

    Ok so im looking around on the internet for uselesss information like i normally do, While trying to heal from this rediculous Bronchitis that the devil himself made, and come across HGH for crohnes patients......
    This of coarse sparked my interest. So i clicked the link...... Well supposedly there are a good bit of patients out there that have been on hgh that have colitis or similar diseases and have gone under remission from low doses of hgh. Low doses as in 1.4 iu.

    Soooo this sparks an idea. I call my docter and talk to him. Supposedly hes all for it and he just needs to wait about three months, which he will be going to a meeting thats about this and all the different studies that have been placed on this specifically. Just so he knows more about this. But he has a patient that has crohnes and is a bodybuilder also, hes under remission and is doing well.... Except i dont think he prescribes it to him.... I think its black marketed.....

    So heres what im wondering about..... Will the HGH still be expensive even if my insurance will cover it? also does any insurance cover hgh?

  2. While I cant speak about how HGH is effective against crohnes I will tell you insurance companies are really reluctant to eat some of the cost of HGH especially if its not related to stunted growth in kids.
    There are other medicines that help with it better than HGH. Again, Im not a doctor, insurance provider, or work on a medical board so....
    Although HGH is not a controlled substance, I think doctors have to report on the reason its subscribed. I assume you dont have the disease, so your doc will have to falsify records, etc. I doubt he/she is willing to put their license and practice on the line.
    You can go the anti-aging route, but forget about insurance.

    Good luck though.

  3. Nooooo let me refrase. I have crohnes disease...... I have had it for 9 yrs now. But i am under remission. The risk for me is that i have no other options for medicine to prevent flare ups if it would happen.... So for the considering of hgh and being used as a medicine to prevent flare ups. I threw this idea at the docter. I would not be threatening the liscense if i have crohnes. SO with me having crohnes which i guess i did not make that clear above sorry. The reason why im excited is that i could finally be normal at keeping my weight instead of having to deal with diarrhea and such and maybe i could even hit that 200 weight margin.
    So now that you know i have crohnes, what you think now?

  4. Bump please fello anabolicers........

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