Does Dianabol convert to DHT?

  1. Does Dianabol convert to DHT?

    dbol converts to dht
    And you'll see a bunch of different links showing a bunch of different opinions. Some say dbol doesn't convert to DHT, some say it does a little, some say it does a lot, but one consensus I've gathered is that bro-scientists don't know sh*t when it comes to Dianabol and DHT.

    So, can anyone answer this question for me? Thanks. It would put my mind at ease to know

  2. I want to know this, too.

    Everyone knows that it aromatises to a nasty methylated estrogen, but does it get chomped by 5-a reductase to make a methylated-DHT type of compound?

    Arnie used to eat Dbol for breakfast in the 70s, I've read.

    He still has a good head of hair. I wonder how long it takes him to pee?

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