p-plex/1-t cycle info and questions....

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  1. p-plex/1-t cycle info and questions....

    Started this just over 2 weeks ago, i won't be doing a log but might do updates and a final summary. possibly measurements and pics at end.
    Running 1-t for 6 weeks@5pumps ED and p-plex 0/20/20/30/30 and possibly for a 5th week depending on gains and sides.
    Have letro, nolva and torem on hand.
    PCT will most likely be nolva and primordial's TRS.
    Have all usual ancilliaries and support supps on hand also.
    Main goal is strength, specifically to overcome my bench plateau which has done my head in for ages now.
    Have upped cals by 1000 more a day. Protein is at least 400g a day.
    So far 10 lbs increase in BW, with a bit of bloat but not too concerned yet.
    Previously ran superdrol cycle 4 years ago but didn't really approach it as seriously as i should've.
    Sides so far are slight increase in BP and back pumps kicked in for the first time when i was doing b/over rows today (have taurine and potassium for this), slight acne increase on face as well.

    Sample training day's eating:-

    (mealtimes vary)

    -protein shake (w/water) on waking - 30gms protein
    -breakfast - 12-14 eggs (5 whole eggs, remainder whites), ham, jalapenos and 2 slices wholemeal bread.
    -1lb cottage cheese w/ handful almonds
    -1.5 chicken breasts in a curry or other low carb sauce w/ greens, sweet potato.
    -protein shake w/80gms oats pre workout
    -post workout 50g protein shake w/5g creatine
    -1 hour later fish or chicken based meal w/greens, no carbs
    -before bed, 1lb cottage cheese w/ handful almonds

    routine is based on westside, one variation of a lift for 3 weeks, going for 1, 3 or 5 rep max each week for the 3 weeks, then assistance exercises.
    split looks like this:-

    day 1 - bench and tris
    day 2 - deadlift
    day 3 - off
    day 4 -tris and shoulders
    day 5 - squat
    day 6 - mid and upper back assistance w/ some biceps
    day 7 - off
    day 8 - shoulders and chest
    day 9 - deadlift
    day 10 -off
    day 11 - bench and tris
    day 12 - squat

    and so on and so on.....

    Few questions:-
    -has anyone done this stack? how were the results?
    -how long until the strength gains kick in on p-plex as so far, apart from a slight increase in intensity and recovery time between sets i haven't noticed much of a strength increase?
    -how much will low carb intake or the use of letro on-cycle (if bloat becomes an issue) affect gains?

    any input or questions you may have fire away.....

  2. Reserved for updates/final results....

  3. sounds like a good cycle . should feel good while on .

  4. Interesting cycle. I'll definitely check back for some updates.

  5. On a side note has anyone using either of these compounds noticed a lot more toilet time? I mean I was regular before but this is ridiculous. It may just be the increased calories but i'll need a good soft cushion before this is done. And some ice.

  6. Never had that issue, love both compounds.

  7. How was your strength on them?

  8. I would recommend going to 30 mgs (or 40) if you have not bumped it up yet, as well as run it for 5 weeks not 4

  9. Ya, pplex shines at 40mg... 20mg is too low..

  10. There are no logs on this current stack that I can find (if anyone knows of one, then please post it here), so I shall follow along with interest.


    "Think like a Champion. Train like a Warrior. Live with a Purpose." - Rosie Chee

  11. Quote Originally Posted by mw1 View Post
    I would recommend going to 30 mgs (or 40) if you have not bumped it up yet, as well as run it for 5 weeks not 4
    thanks for replying. I wanted to do 2 weeks before going to 40mg ed. just to see how i get on. 5 weeks is a possibility like I said, it just depends on sides and gains. Have u used these compounds before? Strength gains?

  12. You wont get sides really with the phera compound. its poetic

  13. Rosie I think trauma did one a while back and got good gains. I'm now on 30mg of p-plex ed. Will do that for a week and then go to 40 mg if everything goes fine.

  14. Snake I have heard of people getting very stubborn gyno from p-plex, including doc d i think. Better to be cautious I suppose

  15. I used 1-test transdermal back in the days, PP's 1-T converts to this. It is an incredible compound, very lean and dry gains with exceptional strength increases as well, Phera I used the original several times ran it up to 60mgs, my favorite of any oral. It imparts tremendous mass gains if used at high enough mgs, and also good strength gains. The combo will be great. The only thing I would add is a test base to your cycle if it were me running this, since you are using legal available compounds Dermacrine would fit nicely.

  16. 60mg? That's a big hit to take. I have some of the real old dermacrine, might consider it if it's still good. This is what i consider my first proper ph cycle so I suppose i am starting off easy but will up the dosage if all goes well. Do u think some letro on cycle will help reduce a bit of the bloat I'm experiencing without affecting gains too much? Maybe even 0.25mg every few days? I did a 3 month cut in the run up to this and lost 25lbs and although I accept i'm going to put on a bit of fat and water I want it to be as clean as possible, as is reflected by my food intake.

  17. I ran it at 60, I don't recommend others to do so, lol. 30 should be good. As far as an AI, I only use them if I absolutely must, some bloat isn't a going to kill you. Keep your diet, training, and sleep in check, and you will have a great cycle.

  18. Phera ia progestin like compound which is why alot get gyno. Use p5p and ldopa and you be fine.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by SemiBulimic View Post
    thanks for replying. I wanted to do 2 weeks before going to 40mg ed. just to see how i get on. 5 weeks is a possibility like I said, it just depends on sides and gains. Have u used these compounds before? Strength gains?
    I've used P-plex but not PP's 1-T, though I've always heard good things about it. I used Pplex at 2-3 caps (the 19.2 mgs caps). Strength and agression were extremely good on PP.

  20. Ryansm what is your reasoning behind using dermacrine in addition to this stack? dermacrine contains dhea and pregnenolone, which 1-t also contains?

    Just interested to hear why you think it would help, if it does by all means i'll throw it in as i have some on hand.

  21. Just a quick update.

    Think the strength is finally starting to kick in.
    Deads last night and hit a 3 rep PR. Considering it took me 6 months to get over a back injury this is a real achievement for me. Only downside is that i had to take a few breaks while going balls-to-the-wall last night as i felt my bp going through the roof. Will have to keep an eye on it. Have been taking hawthorn and CoQ10 for that though.
    Traps are growing like weeds too and the pump i get after training is great. I sometimes go to my local supermarket after training and from how i'm walking i'm sure i look like i'm wearing squat briefs and carrying 2 tvs under my arms to other folk.
    Going onto 40mg tomorrow and adding in grapefruit juice to my arsenal. I know the jury's still out on whether it increases potency but only one way to find out.
    Today's a rest day and just finished two bowls of white fish and pierogi. Have a tonne of jumbo prawns with my name on them waiting for me in the kitchen so looks like the evening has taken care of itself

  22. Quote Originally Posted by SemiBulimic View Post
    Ryansm what is your reasoning behind using dermacrine in addition to this stack? dermacrine contains dhea and pregnenolone, which 1-t also contains?

    Just interested to hear why you think it would help, if it does by all means i'll throw it in as i have some on hand.
    Sorry bud I forgot the PP 1-T had the same ingredients.

  23. Started 40mg p-plex today. Also used 1-t 1 hour before training in the evening.

    My belief that strength gains have started to kick in was reinforced this evening. Went for a 3 rm 5kg short of my old 1rm on strict standing OHP's and got 5 reps. Had more in the tank but shoulder and upper right pec felt strained. This is a woeful lift for me (thanks to my ape arms) and if I can get a good strict rep or two at 100kg by the end of this cycle then I will be thrilled.

    My general strength goals for this cycle are:- (all lifts are unequipped)

    squat +20kg
    Deadlift + 30kg
    Bench +15kg
    OHP +15kg
    Weighted dips +15kg
    Incline bench +20kg

    If i can get 4 or 5 of these i will be happy but i am going all out to get them all. I don't think i'm being unrealistic and fully expect to exceed a few of these.

    Things I've noticed in the past few days:-

    The bloat seems to have settled a bit.
    The boys have maybe atrophied by 10%
    Initial weight gain has slowed.
    BP seems to have steadied - have a sphygmomanometer on the way.
    My bench is still sh1te!
    Other than that i feel good

  24. Squats tomorrow - going to throw on the wraps for the first time in a few years and go for a 3rm as the knees are feeling a bit battered as of late. Can't wait

  25. More minor updates:-

    -Was thinking today how i have very little DOMS whatsoever recently.
    -My general recovery between sets is so fast now with very little drop off in strength.
    -Getting major hot flushes since i started 40mg a day. Not unbearable but just noticeable.
    -I'm really going to have to push it harder now to achieve my goals. Squats didn't go too well this evening - was very pushed for time and ended up 10 kg below what i wanted. I only seem to get in 50 mins per workout now and it just isn't enough.
    -Eating is going ok; 50gms protein every 2/3 hours consistently now.

    For anyone who has used these compounds, how did you vary - if at all - your training when 'on' diiferently from being 'off? At the moment i'm just going picking a rep range
    (1-5) and going for a pr every workout for the major lift that day. Then just doing the usual assistance lifts after that. So far i'm hitting them all. I don't see the point in being conservative using this stuff.

  26. On a side note backpumps were off the scale after squats - could barely walk out of the gym. I've had problems in the past with pains in the rear of my hips just above the glutes and they returned along with the pumps - the pain was something else. Am taking taurine and potassium and until today i'd had very little problems with them. Any suggestions for increasing mobility in the rear hips and reducing this pain?

  27. sub'd. did a sd/1-t last year and this past october did a 4 week phera w/2 week 1-t stack loved the alpha male euphoria. strength increase was crazy. but the best was the sd/1-t. i feel as pp's 1-t is one of the most slept on products.

    give it hell mang!!!!!!!!!

  28. Good to have you on board my friend. What kind of strength gains did you get on these 2 stacks?

  29. Another quick update for anyone still interested.
    *weight is up about 15lbs from start. Quite a lot of bloat though and some bf but shoulders, traps and upper chest as well as upper thighs are definitely more muscular.
    *strength is up on everything but not by much more than it would be anyway at this weight.
    *blood pressure is under control. Really recommend coq10 and extra hawthorn.
    *hardest thing is keeping the calories up. I'm very carb-sensitive and going over 200 gms ed is killing me.
    *bowel movements have eased. It was horrendous in the first 2 weeks.
    *taurine is a life saver at controlling back pumps
    *starting to look like I'm 'on' and that's a good and bad thing
    *my bench is still sh1t and it's starting to really frustrate me. I mean it's maybe increased 10kg in 4 years. I look like I can bench a hell of a lot more. Anyone here who's benching around 400lbs and has a bit of time on their hands drop me a line and I will go into it more if you are willing to help. It really is my Achilles heel and it has to improve as I don't believe for one second I have reached my lifetime max as it is so ridiculously low for my size training experience.
    *very little testicular atrophy - don't 'feel' shut down.
    *training aggression and intensity is up. Aggression out of the gym is still the same; I'm a very passive person and that hasn't changed.
    *I haven't been sleeping well. Not getting asleep until at least 3 most nights and i'm waling up with aeful pains in the back of my lower ribs. Not sure if it's anything to do with the cycle, Most likely my body adapting to the heavier poundage and increased intensity of training.
    *I'm getting a lot of freaky hairs on my shoulders where I'm applying the 1-t. Looking more like a mountain gorilla everyday now!
    So 16 days to go until pct, which i'm looking forward to. I have every session planned out between now and then and I plan on bending more of the sh1tty bars my sh1tty gym has.

  30. SO no big benchers want to comment?


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