Oral / Transdermal Cycles?

  1. Oral / Transdermal Cycles?

    Hi all- I am a newbie here but not in the gym and would like some of your more experienced input. I have researched a ton and have only done ph's up until this point (1-test, 4ad, etc)

    I am wating some solid advice/directions to pursue in considering oral/transdermal cycles. I know that most say pinning is the way to go but I was anticipating this, and I am a total wuss about needs (I have an overactive imagination and they can make me pas out! I once passed out in the bathroom piercing my ear iwth a piercing needle in highshool - and yesterday was reading through spotinjections.com and reading though directions imagining injecting I got all dizzy and had to lay down )

    So.. keeping in mind I really dont want to do pinning, could some of you suggest good oral/transdermal as cycle possiblities? I am looking to bulk and would like some thoughts relating to what are some dermal/oral options (and water retention/sides for them)

    Thanks much!

  2. Have someone else give you the shot.

  3. I'm sure you heard this many times before that it isn't that bad and everything else but I will tell you that a 25 guage is damn near painless, if you didn't watch it go in you wouldn't even know it.

  4. Thanks- the 25 gague not being hardly noticeable is good to hear- the thing is I would have to be doing it to myself and the watching it go in could make me passs out- heh- bah I guess I should just go for it. I've no friends who I could ask to do this to me..

  5. I say just go for it. Once you have all the money tied up in it you'll realize that you have to do it no matter what, and once you do I guarantee you will think to yourself.......... "what the hell was I so worried about cause that was easy as pie."

    I was nervous too at first but just trust me on this one, it's nothing to sweat about. I hope this helps a bit, and good luck with your cycle bro.



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