The "Bad" Batches of M1T

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  1. The "Bad" Batches of M1T

    As you may or may not be aware, the batches of M1T that tested on the low side, 75% to 85%, while not pure M1T, had the benefit of a production byproduct that starts with a D and ends with a round object used for sports...yes, this favored oral is what makes up the other 20% or so of the "BAD" batches!

    I attribute this to the reason some people seem to explode on certain brands and not others. Although it's not legal to sell it this way as such, I actually think the less pure M1T batches were better, for this reason. I know the original Meso-Labs were "low purity," in terms of straight M1T.

    So my question is, does anyone think the "old/bad" batches exist anywhere still, in tabs or otherwise? And if anyone has a bottle of the original they want to sell!

    Very curious about all of this.


  2. You got this information from where? I question this because it doesn't make sense at all.

  3. I'm not saying this is not true, but it is the first I've heard of it. I would think this info would have spread life wild-fire, and htere would be a huge man hunt going on for the ML brand. If it is true, then...does anyone have any to sell.

  4. Geesh guys, chill!

    Yes, it's true. There are very good reasons why this wasn't publicized during initial sales...think about it...if you want to know exact details, PM me, but trust me, it's true. I got this info from a very trusted bulks supplier who also ran a label claims verification website at one point.

  5. Umm...Ever wonder why some people continued to buy Meso Labs or Legal Gear at four times the price of UL? Supposedly all of the 80 tab/10 mg. bottles came from the same initial batch.

    Without going into great detail, with all of the current purity claims going on w. M4OHN, etc., someone tried calling out a trusted supplier on some early batches...his reply was "if they knew what the impurities were, they wouldn't be complaining,'" which was later divulged and confirmed by Patrick Arnold (don't quote me on that--could have been another chemist).

  6. Sounds interesting, and I don't doubt it for a second - haven't people had 'impurities' in batches of powder before? Thought I remember hearing something about it. Still, at 25%, that's 2.5mg of 'impurity' per tab, so you'd have to eat, what, 10/day for an effective dosage of the 'impurity'?

  7. People take low dosages of M1T. Consequently, the impurities would also be taken at low levels.

  8. Yeah, I'm aware of the dosing thing...I still would like to try some of the "bad" batch...I can't imagine that even at a low dose the capital D is a bad thing to have in the mix.

    Better? Who knows...this is a true situation, though, concerning what the impurity is.

  9. and then there is me with 5 bottles of the original mesolabs m1t...and I was wondering why I blew up like crazy when I took 10-20mg of the stuff...10+ lbs easy in 2 weeks...strength always I don't feel so bad about paying the price I did

  10. is 17 beta-hydroxy-17alpha-methyl-1,4-androstadien-3-one chemically or structurally close to 17alpha methyl-17beta-hydroxy-androst-1-ene-3-one? From what I can figure it certainly seems possible that there could be some of the aforementioned compound in m1t but I'm no chemist. Interesting if true and now I'm looking back to see what kinda results people got from different brands to see if this is a possiblity.

  11. It occurs from the way the drug is synthetically metabolized. M1T and the "other stuff" are both downstream metabolites of a certain chemical reaction intended to only produce M1T. If you've taken chemistry, you know that if everything isn't EXACTLY right during your reaction, you get various impurities...this isn't always a bad thing, if the impurity is a more valuable just means you did a sloppy job.

    BTW, this is the way manufacturers get around the DSHEA rules-->if a METABOLITE of a steroid occurs naturally in the body after ingestion, they say it is natural.

    There is probably no way to do a study, but I certainly seem to see a trend with certain brands.

  12. hmmm I still havea bottle of Meso Labs M1T. I bought the bottle when it first came to market from LG. Lot # D08464

  13. I got a bottle of it...check hte swap meet suckers!! LOL...the price was 40 bones, but it just went up 30 more dollars...LOL...

    I used that batch for the only time I ever ran M-1t and gained around 11 or 12lbs. in 13-14 days...then I lost just about all of it but 4 after PCT...

  14. sound like the same bull **** 1fast started over the 4OHN when they new that everyone but 1 idiot was buying from the same source....

  15. Yeah, its funny, with all of the purity questions, no one has brought up zeromangus' point of WHY a company might not release their lab might be just to protect their asses legally!

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Cuffs
    If it is true, then...does anyone have any to sell.
    Last edited by chemikill; 06-23-2004 at 03:43 PM.

  17. Actually, 1fast400 admitted to having his 1st batch of powder come up at around 89% pure and the other 10-11% was was the impurity you are referring to. He only made this known on Avants site. I actually had ordered 5 grams when he first started selling it for $15/gram. Unfortunately, I just found out about this around a month ago. Of that 5 grams, I used 2 of it myself, and sold the other 3 grams. Having Sledge selling it for $8 a gram, I saw no reason in not hooking some friends up that didn't want to order it themselves, now I am regretting that.

  18. Well, the results remain to be seen...but this is very interesting...I have a line on some right now, and plan on doing two two-week cycles, same dosing: One w/ 1fast powder, one with the latest DS powder, with proper PCT and recovery of perhaps up to 4 weeks in-between. I will post a log and compare the results/fx, etc. I will stack with 4AD only, using BDC T4 with 10grams 4AD.

    Just a note--this won't occur until August, as I have to use July to come off my current cycle (MD and M4OHN).

  19. just remember that if you had a product that was 85% pure, the tabletter should know this ahead of time and will adjust the formula so you get the full 100% of active. So just keep that in mind, everyoen is still getting the 10mg of M1T if that is what is suppossed to be in the tab.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Brodus
    Yeah, its funny, with all of the purity questions, no one has brought up zeromangus' point of WHY a company might not release their lab might be just to protect their asses legally!
    I also heard a rumor about 4AD having some impuities in it too

  21. I never heard that one...and what I heard was not a rumor, it was a report directly from the retailer.

    BTW, Mike (1fast) said the same thing in that post, sledge, that the tabber adjusted the ratio so every tab did indeed have 10mg of M1t, or whatever the label stated.

    Speaking of which, how did the M1T in your oral solutions that you just found test out? I bought some last night...along with a bunch of other stuff!

  22. Hmm, that's interesting knews you've presented there. I found that one the legal gear M1T that I purchased I puffed up like nobody's business, even while on a cutting cycle of the stuff. You name it, cheeks, abs, etc. etc. I was holding water there. That might explain a bit of why that was the case.

  23. Yeah...I always found it odd that some people bloated like crazy on M1T, while others ripped down quickly. Those are very different characteristics--polar opposites.

    Legal Gear's tabs were just the Meso Labs tabs, from what I read...this may be different now, but Iknow it was true at the beginning.

    I'm starting to understand why they wouldn't post their M4OHN results--not that it was all bunk, but perhaps 10% was a controlled substance, and they were afraid to.

    Once again, Sledge is the man! The only one to source M4OHT, too.

  24. I'm pretty sure all of this is total bull****. Most likely, this all started out because the original batches of M1,4ADD were contaminated with D-bol. I'm willing to bet this is nothing more than that game we all played in elementary school where everyone sits in a circle, the teacher tells the student next to them a short story, and it's passed along the circle and it ends up different (read: wrong) from the original story.

    As far as people getting different effects, well, everyone IS different and is going to respond differently. Not too mention different diets and goals.


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