I understand some cortisol blockers, block cortisol, via deactivation of cortisol, creating cortisone.

i also understand cortisol is our body's great anti-inflammatory.

Also, its expected to have dry/achy joints while suppressing cortisol due to joint inflammation from exercise, etc and having less cortisol to help.

however, cissus supposedly lubes joints,rebuilds tendons, AND blocks cortisol as much as dianabol ( 40-70% )

I can attest firsthand that cissus is joint magic.

ive also tried x lean, and it killed cortisol, i leaned out, but i had some major aches in my back likely from dry joints.

So to wrap it up, my question is, does lowering cortisol always mean having higher inflammation and joint ache, or are there different pathways that have differing effects on joints?

how is it possible that cissus can lower cortisol but make the joints feel better?