Losing fat on PCT (diet questions)

  1. Losing fat on PCT (diet questions)

    I am an endomorph. Can't help it. But what I can help is the foods I put in my mouth in order to help me achieve the goals I want to achieve in the time frame I want to achieve them in.

    So my question to the members here...
    What would you have me eat?
    Current Stats are 220lb prob about 16% bf (recently got it checked).

    Diet I was going to go on but I need some input:
    Meal 1 - 1 scoop protein, half cup oatmeal
    Meal 2 - 4 oz turkey, apple
    Meal 3 - 8 oz lean meat, brown rice
    Meal 4 - 2 rice cakes, 2 tbsp natty PB
    Meal 5 - 8 oz lean meat, veggies
    Meal 6 - 1 scoop casein

    I don't know the macros on this, but this was suggested by a friend who knows me and my goals. My goal is 8% body fat

    Will do the necessary cardio (30 mins HIIT on elliptical)
    Strength training will be 3x10-12
    Supplements: In a PCT currently, So the usual stuff. After PCT, prime, EC, some other stuff maybe.
    Long term goal: shredded. 6-8% for me is fine (lol)

    Please review and comment. Keep in mind I'm an endo! Thanks!!

  2. I don't think its a good idea to reduce calories whilst in PCT, good chance you will lose your gains. Keep calories at least at maintenance then slowly introduce into a recomp afterward, then more into a cutting cycle. Your diet looks good, maybe include more healthy fats. Just try not to go overboard with carbs and center around your workout.

    Try using nutrient partitioner like glycobol.

  3. hiit on an elliptical?
    Comic Sans makes me feel gangsta

  4. Keep your calories up, and just do extra cardio, like hiit. after your pct then run something like ECA or clen, etc. Actually....you could run clen right now, as alot of use it during pct to help drop some fat and keep muscle. i wouldnt drop your calories though.

  5. it is a dumb idea to diet during pct.

  6. If you don't want to hold your hard earned gains cut during pct. Wait to cut till your recovered


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