Planning HELLAdrol run

  1. Planning HELLAdrol run

    So, I just completed a six week 30/45/60/60/60/75 epistrong cycle w/ dermacrine. INCREDIBLE results. I only ended up keeping at this point 5lbs, but there was a complete transformation of my body. Couldn't be happier. Looking to bulk this cut up body a bit, now, though, and I have some hella sitting.

    So, I last day of epi cycle was 20 november. Did clomi at 130 day 1, 100 day 2 and 3, 70 rest of week, then week two: 70/35/35. Last day of SERM pct was 12 december.

    Ran a complete bottle of UNLEASHED+HCGenerate and am currently knocking out a bottle of BRIDGE. LOVING THIS BRIDGE. It is cutting me up MORE. It is incredible the transformation I have made. I am also running a high dose of FORMA at the moment that I am going to slowly taper off of. I want to run the FORMA again in the next cycle and dermacrine...

    So, here is my proposition. Today is 16 december... I have ten days of BRIDGE left. That would be 26 december. I will go natural for two weeks, but want to start the HELLAdrol early early in the year.

    Proposed cycle for the HELLAdrol would be 75/75/100/100/???/??? - see how the body responds.

    My sex drive is normal (enhanced due to derm, actually) and I had almost zero side affects from the epi... even at 75mg i had mild acne issues, but nothing even worth mentioning. Back pumps became an issue, but were easily managed. I used the **** out of cycle support and didn't drink. I take ~15g's fishoil daily on cycle... I have since bumped it down to ~7 as my lifts are not quite as heavy at the moment.

    What do y'all think of the time frame as far as proximity to the end of the epi cycle. Any comments are welcome about my idea. Would you do it? Stupid? Etc... just let me get some feedback, bc this is something I will have time to do as school will just be starting as it is coming to an end.

    Peace bros!

  2. Most people will agree that time on +PCT = time off. So 6 week cycle + 4 weeks PCT= 10 weeks off. That would put you close to the end of Feb before running the next cycle.

  3. Yeah, but we aren't most people.

    Thanks for your opinion. Others?

  4. 10 weeks minimum; that is impatient enough

    I aim for 12 weeks between all cycles these days.

    I know you are fishing for someone to say "go right ahead bro start popping them pillz GFH" etc. etc. but don't go looking for that... Just be patient and take your time off like you know you should.
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  5. I feel you. You're right. I transformed my body in a way that I didn't think possible. I kept roughly 8lbs over the epi cycle, but I look like I'm chiseled out of wood. My strength is through the roof for my size at 180ish... I am just eager to get on some of this hella bc I responded well when proper supporting supps were implicated.

    Thanks for setting it straight. maybe late Feb. I can dig deep into a hella cycle by bulking up on natural for a good ten weeks.

    Peace, brothers, it is you guys that keeps a man thinking clearly.

  6. I was thinkinof running helladrol as well, any coupons ntbm?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by UnrealMachine View Post
    10 weeks minimum; that is impatient enough

    I aim for 12 weeks between all cycles these days.

    I know you are fishing for someone to say "go right ahead bro start popping them pillz GFH" etc. etc. but don't go looking for that... Just be patient and take your time off like you know you should.
    Go right ahead bro!

  8. I just ****ing KNEW you were gonna chime in JASEN. AWESOME! I want to run it SO bad. my shoulder is to a level to where it moves as well as my right shoulder. I am healthy as a horse... finishing out BRIDGE and a couple weeks totally natural, lifting heavy, lots of fish oil etc... I know what I need.

    I might do it, I might not... goood thing is, is I can finish most of the cycle BEFORE school starts... it seemed running a cycle in the middle of the semester had me torn bt the gym and the library with the gym frequently winning...

    More opinions, guys!

  9. Wait longer and get a bottle of l lmg. H drol isn't ment for bulking not to say it can't be done but there are much better options.

    Everyone has told u to wait and I am no different. The doses u ran epi at will need more time to recover. Your body needs time to return to a normal state

  10. Thanks for keeping me in check guys.

    What does this mean: Wait longer and get a bottle of l lmg. What is that ****? I want to run hdrol at high dose bc I am looking for just exactly what it provides from what i've read. I have a bottle of bdrol too I have turnibol LV also... I am gonna get more derm asap and think about this hdrol cycle.

  11. i usually only wait month and a half to 2 months but thats me

  12. Tell me this: I have been off the SERM since 11 Dec... afterwhich I continued FORMA at 20 pumps (day/night) and DERM at 10 pumps (day/night). Feeling awesome.... and maintained about 8lbs. I have 5 days left on BRIDGE, which will be 23 Dec.

    Last day of roid use was: 20 Nov. I want to run this cycle mid January and that's what I plan on doing.

  13. Wait more. Whats another few weeks anyways? Its not like we're telling you not to lift while you wait for it.
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  14. I'm lifting harder, stricter and better than ever before. I really want to do this cycle also bc finals are over for me, so I have literally 5 weeks of no REAL obligation... and seeing as I had no sides, responded well and am totally happy with the epi, I figure why not take advantage of this time I have. I have taken my injured left shoulder to be a nonissue, so I really feel like I can put on some SOLID lean muscle with this HELLA. I don't want the blowedup-ness of SD, but have heard great things about the "solid" feeling people get on the HELLA.

    I'm itchin' guys... Love seeing results! Who doesn't?

    Train hard of GTFO.

  15. got some before and after pics?

  16. I don't :S :/ My body went from skinny fat to v shaped chiseled status. COULDN"T BE HAPPIER with what this compound did for me.

    I will tell you this: I had been going through a really hard time with my shoulder/back. Decided to commit to PT and make this **** better. I was "skinny-fat". You all know what that **** is - the worst. Right now, I look chiseled, but I can tell I'm losing a bit of it :S:S:S:S - not the chiseledness, but the size of it and overall definition .

    Being on cycle makes me want to keep my diet in check (it still is, but little things matter now lol). I ran full liver support, never missed a day and didn't drink AT ALL on cycle - felt great the entire time, basically. I did have a little bit of acne trouble when I went to 60mg, but 75 treated me like GODSTATUS. LOVED IT AND THE PUMPS.

    I feel awesome currently and the ladies around Austin have proven to me that my boys are fully functioning... I figured out how to go downtown and not drink either... something that did concern me before committing to the longass epi cycle. But I did it and, hell, the things you can say when you're not wasted is just so awesome - girls are SO DRUNK CONSTANTLY. lol - love it mang. Easy pickin'

    Anyway, I really want to take advantage of my time off as I will be stress free and can focus on some of the finer points of my body that I really want to change. Ie. this shoulder is STRONG as an ox, but a few things could be done to ensure its overall effectiveness. The second thing is evening out my lats and core. Because of the shoulder issues I cannot activate my left lat as effectively as the right... etc.

    Hahaha,,, as you guys can tell I wanna run the cycle.

  17. As you can see most people suggest time on + pct= time off. You seem to want to go ahead and run it. You are a grown man so you can do what you want but if I was you I would take care of that shoulder first especially since your joints will dry out from the hella. Just my opinion.


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