Time between cycles

  1. Time between cycles

    Hi guys!

    I have a friend that has done a 13wks cycle of EQ only. Obviously he wasn't happy with the results. How much time does he have to wait before starting a new EQ + Testoviron cycle? Some say 13wks, some say that 4-6wks it's enough because it was only EQ... what do you think?

  2. Shut down is shut down. Doesn't matter what drug did it. I'd go longer.

  3. I would say 13 weeks.. just wondering what was the reasoning given for only 4-6 weeks?

  4. Because he didn't feelt any shutdown... his sexual drive also increased only with EQ...

  5. you might not "feel" the shutdown

  6. I was curious of this. Ive been on Tren for close to 5 weeks now, and also on Sust for close to 4...

    How can you tell if youre shutdown? Is the shrinkage the only sign? What if youre still pretty normal? Theyre still hanging pretty normal. Which Im surprised about. I figured the tren would shut me down real hard real quick. Lol, maybe its time to up the dosage if it hasnt shut me down yet.

  7. the only really way to tell if you are shutdown is having your test levels checked.. that is the sure fire way of doing but with low test levels you might get reduced sex drive, etc.. and if you are getting results there is no reason to up the dosage..


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