stopping lethargy on cycle?

  1. stopping lethargy on cycle?

    Was wondering what others have used to combat lethargy on cycle? ive never had it bad before until i did my first Alpha One cycle ... you think something like PP Dermacrine LV would help? or can you recomend me something else?

  2. I take naps, i find it's the most effective way.

  3. good idea......

  4. Test......
    Remember why you started.

  5. I have a family and a full time job. Naps would be great, if I had time. I check my blood pressure every day. If it's not too high, I have to hit the caffeine when lethargic.

  6. testosterone base
    more carbs
    stacking another androgen on top that energizes you
    testosterone base

  7. Quote Originally Posted by thegodfather View Post
    prolly what im gonna go with i was just hoping there was something else to take.... havent done much in the PH/DS world ive always used AAS untli recently

  8. Either that or if you can find some 4AD out there that is legit.
    Remember why you started.

  9. Test is the best for lethargy, but your original plan to use Dermacrine has been effective as well. Some feedback from others:

    Dermacrine as a test base for PH/DS

  10. great answers here


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