Do pro-hormones show up on employee drug tests?

  1. Do pro-hormones show up on employee drug tests?

    Hey, I was wondering if a pro-hormone would show up on a urine drug test when applying for a job, if you have any information or personal experiences, please let me know. Thanks.

  2. Your good bro. Work drug test are not testing you for pro hormones or aas.
    I was on halotest when I was tested for drug use and I passed with no problems.

  3. this is correct they are not testing for this sorta thing

  4. It really depends on the job. If you're not going for something like law enforcement or military you're prolly good to go.

  5. I'd worry more about that crack in your system than the dbol you just consumed.
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  6. no man they are not testing for aas.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by pantherdude63 View Post
    It really depends on the job...
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  8. Yeah I did some research and they test for specific chemicals in the urine, usually never hormones though. I also read that a PH wouldn't cause a drug test to be positive, the only thing they would see if they were looking for it would be my testosterone level, which would then have to be compared to someone with similar demographics. The job I want to apply for would be in the law enforcement sector, so I'm going to do some more research -_-... Thanks for all your help guys.

  9. if its in law enforcement you might wanna just be safe than sorry. A cycle is not worth losing your job over, just cycle after IMO.

    Most jobs will never test for steroids but who knows law enforcement might

  10. barry bonds and roger clemens should have asked this same question..... lol

  11. I think it would all come done to the legality of the long as its legal I would think you'd be fine.

    Anyway, I do urine and blood tests for a yearly physical, and so far so good!!
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!


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