New guy needs help with PH cycle

  1. Question New guy needs help with PH cycle

    Backround: 41 yrs old, 6' 3", 200 lbs.
    Been lifting on and off since 18. Mostly "on" but been slacking off the last few years. Trying to get back into it again, but it seems that my biggest problem is focus while working out.

    Tried a few different PH compounds a few years ago. Got good gains and great focus, but started to get itchy nips and stopped them. I did an LG Sciences Tri-Fecta Stack about 14 months ago and was happy with the results. Been reading everything I can about PH's, and it leaves me scratching my head???? Looking for something with low sides, that won't kill the boys (at 41 they aren't as active as they once were) that won't require Nolva or Clomid as a PCT. I'm in a profession that ordering experimentals would not be tolerated if there was a hint of it being illegal.

    If you've made it this far, thanks. I was thinking of trying Transform Epi, CEL Formestane and Purus Labs Recycle as follows:
    WK 1 EPI 10 mg 2x day
    WK 2 EPI 10 mg 2x day
    WK 3 EPI 10 mg 3x day
    WK 4 EPI 10 mg 3x day 4 pumps Formestane
    WK 5 EPI 10 mg 3x day 4 pumps Formestane
    WK 6+ Recycle 4 tabs/day for 25 days

    My biggest concerns are gyno and shutdown. If I've understood anything from all I've read, I don't think either of these will cause me problems.

    Any input/advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. That's a pretty reasonable dose of epi, but perhaps a bit low. You don't need formestane as you shouldn't have any estrogen issues with epi.

  3. Sluggy,
    Thanks for the response. I thought that instead of ramping the epi up too much that by adding the Formestane, I would get the added benefit (in lieu of upping epi) and counter any estro issues . I also thought that form would help as a sort of PCT.

    What suggestions do you have for epi? dose/weeks?
    Is my thinking sound in adding form for the last 2 weeks or should I just skip it?
    What do you think of Recycle for the PCT? (with and without the form)

    I'm trying to dose so I don't end up with a bunch of partially used bottles.


  4. hi, i am thinking of doing a cycle of dianabol. would taking inhibit-e for 4 weeks be a good enough PCT? should i also use nolvadex or clomid and should i take them both at the same time? thanks.

  5. Have you considered pulsing? It should help keep shut-down and sides to a minimum while allowing you to run a slightly longer cycle.

  6. TG,
    I had forgotten about pulsing epi.

    Do you have any experience or suggestions?

  7. I've never actually run a pulse cycle. There is some good info here .html

    I would probably suggest a 4-6 week cycle with dosages 3-4x per week.
    For a 4 week cycle I would dose 30/45/60/60 (that's 30 mgs per day for week 1, 45 mgs per day for week 2, ...) dosing 4x per week.
    I would probably run 30/45/45/60/60/60 for a 6 week cycle dosing 3-4x per week.

    The 4 week cycle would be much less harsh and a (probably) wouldn't shut down the HPTA as bad. With the 6 week cycle you should see more shut-down and it could require stronger than OTC for your PCT.

    Read the article on pulsing orals, there's lots of good info in there.


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