OSTA SARM(s1) or SARM s4 for recomp/cut?

  1. OSTA SARM(s1) or SARM s4 for recomp/cut?

    I am entering my pct- from a 5 week oral cycle

    gained 19 lbs

    compounds used m14add/pmag

    Okay here is my plan

    keep cals as they are right now for 2 weeks into the pct

    in the second week(while cals are still high) I will incorperate a SARM in.

    In the third week after SARM is thick in blood stream I will start lowering calls at -100 cals per week.

    target caloric intake is at 2900, i am taking in 3800 right now so it will take me 2 months or so to get there. I would like to begin cutting then. and cut until august(with a few breaks here and there) anabolics will be incorperated into the final leg of the cut from may until august at which time I will begin upping cals again slowly in preperation for my winter bulk with deiselbolan v2!

    So this is my question. for my goals which SARM would be more beneficial? I am trying to loose as much bf as I can while loosing little to no mass

    I know this is a LONG recomp/cut BUT I need to loose some bf

    Im sitting at 239 lbs and Im probably at 20-22 percent bf- not acceptable

    sooooo please help a brother out

    if the cut is too long then we can tweak things a bit i suppose

    anabolics used from may-august will be epistrong at 45 mgs and katanadrol at 200-400 mgs

    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  2. bump
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  3. Personally, I won't touch S4 due to metabolite concerns that ostarine doesn't have. Ostarine is actually cheaper, it is just less androgenic, so it won't help you lean out as much or gain as much strength, but on a cut you want it to function as an anticatabolic first and foremost.

    Also, I'll be throwing in alpha t2 and an EC stack, and following the Chaos and Pain Exercises in Extremity routine. Best of luck, we're in similar situations
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  4. so ur using s1 in the cut?

    I am not in a hurry to lean out

    i can do that with diet and cardio

    im worried about holding onto muscle mass while leaning out

    so i guess if it acts as an anticatabolic this is good, how anticatabloic is it though in contrast to AAS

    i cut this past summer on epistane with great results

    i am preping to go into a long recomp/cut phase- talking like 6 months here

    3 recomp 3 cut

    with a sarm in the first two months

    and anabolics in the last two
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  5. I don't think you'll lose much, if any, muscle mass at 12.5mg of ostarine 5 on 2 off.
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  6. S1 seems to be a hell of a lot safer. Which is y the continued trials on s1 while stopping s4 trials. Idk about u but I already have floaters and suspect vision. As much as I like the effects s4 is supposed to give I would still go with s1.


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