I wanted to cut body fat. After 4 weeks of dieting an no supplements, I only lost a little, and lost a lot of power (I don't think I lost muscle, but working out hungry, I can't do much).

Last week, I decided to try a h-drol + 11 oxo and change my cut to a recomp so I can get some good workouts in and strength back. I know the first week I shouldn't see any difference, but I have been so hungry! My workouts improved - I feel completely refreshed in the morning no matter what I do instead of being so sore I can't get out of bed. But I am eating literally twice what I did before, and a neighbor can't even walk a dog past me without me thinking about what it would taste like on the grill. How do you cut on this stuff? I thought I had a lot of willpower, but I just can't stop eating.