Help please!

  1. Help please!

    35 year old seasoned AS vet here, but i'm having some frustrating first time issues with some test suspension (milky water based). I started trying to use a 27g needle, no luck then my regular 23g and no luck either. However, with both i'm able to shoot it out in the sink no problem. I've wasted a few mLs already. Its frustrating! And believe me that i'm pushing hard on the plunger in the muscle! Any secrets or something i'm missing? Or am I just an idiot...never had an issue with any oil based.


  2. been there, done that. suspension or water based TNE are annoying as f uck if the powder isnt micronized.

    ur problem is probably happening because ur pinning down (ie quad, glute) and the powder is clogging the needle.

    try pinning ur delt. if doing left shoulder, lean to the left and insert the needle at an upward angle.

    u can also try adding some Bac Water to the syringe....that helped tons

  3. Thanks for the tips! Will definitely try!
  4. Still no luck!

    Tried injecting from with pin more vertical. Still no luck. Shot out in sink though both upward and downward even with all particles settled out near tip. It's weird! Like the slight pressure difference when its IM is too much to inject. Any other experience or tips?

  5. are u aspirating before u inject?

  6. Yes....definitely aspirating...its really weird.

  7. never use suspension, painfullll u could have just went with prop
    ~ IRON LIVERô________ *[It's just advice man, that's all it is! You can take or do whatever the FCUK you wanna do!]

  8. Yeah, done prop before. Been on a good break for a while and thought I'd switch it up. Regret it now just trying to salvage the gear!


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