inject vs. oral

  1. inject vs. oral

    I just ordered some of Sledge's 4AD cyp...
    was also considering ordering 1-Test cyp to stack with it.

    I was wondering from those with would you quantify the differences between injections vs. oral ?

    Is there really no comparison between the two? meaning....could you say injectibles are twice as good as orals (methyls included) or 5 times or 10 times better???

  2. inj > oral

  3. dont get me wrong, the orals def have their place in a cycle, and ultimately the two combined are the best, but if I had to do one over the other, id go with injections

  4. I'm assuming you can do injectibles for a much longer period of time without harming the liver nearly as much....

    I'm looking for fairly dry gains, I know 4AD can bloat but was thinking about keeping that in check with some other products.

  5. was also thinking about running 1test cyp with it...but I want to avoid any libido loss so I think i'd be running it much lower dosages or cranking up the 4AD to accomodate if I had problems...what do you think?

  6. How much 4ad cyp you planning on running per week and how often are you going to be injecting it?

  7. thinking about 700-800 mg twice a week...I may start out smaller doses than that the first week to see how I react and then pump it up to 1.6 per week total....

    What do you think...too much, too little ?

    What would you recommend on the 1-test cyp?
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  8. ok, would you supplement with any oral if running both 1Test Cyp. along with 4AD Cyp.???


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