Trenadrol vs Tren A

  1. Trenadrol vs Tren A

    Thoughts on this? I'm looking for personal experience here. Also, personal experience with sides and thoughts on these compounds vs Halodrol? I'm especially interested in any sides involving gyno since its a progesterone and letrozol isn't going to fix it as far as I know. All compounds would of course be stacked with Test E. I'm looking at a 6 week bulk using Test E and something else but I can't decide what.

  2. Are you comparing the recently banned "Tren" products to actual Trenbolone?

  3. 19-nor cant be compared to tren Ace. 19-nor is not even on the same level.

    And whats the point in running test e for only 6 weeks. too short IMO

  4. ^^^ what he said

  5. I used to think that too, until i started doing it. The recovery is so much faster. It could also be though that this time around I used toremifene from a different source so it may be that the previous toremifene I had been using was bunk. I also feel like I after the 8th week everything goes down hill. So basically I do my final shot on the 6th week and I'd end up at ~8 weeks or so. I also don't like putting on a lot of fat, so longer bulks can be difficult to keep the fat from getting up too high.

    As far as 19nor vs Tren A, anyone have experience using both? Thoughts on them?

  6. Yeah what he said you cannot compare Tren A to a Ph not even in the same ball park and as far as test i would reccommend a short ester like Test P dryer gains and more testosterone because of molecular weight of the ester attached since is a fast ester chain u get more test mg to mg the longer the ester chain the less actual test u get and gains will be better quality since using Tren acetate dosing Tren A+Test P would be easy both need to be inj ed or eod hope this helped any

  7. I've never used the 19-nor OTC "Tren" products, but even still I can tell you that the occurrence of gyno seems to be MUCH higher than with real Tren just by reading the forums.

    There have been a couple studies showing that Trenbolone actually has very little measurable progesterone activity. If you get gyno from real Trenbolone, I would bet almost anything that either your Tren is bunk or it was caused by another compound in the stack. Raw Tren is very expensive and is often under-dosed or cut with cheaper compounds.

  8. yeah and there is no comparison between the two. i actually experienced alot of anger and short temper with trenadrol, not with actual tren. Tren Ace is awesome.


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