Macros with each Meal while on SD

  1. Macros with each Meal while on SD

    To all who have used SD or a clone of it I am curious about the amount of Macros I need to consume with each meal currently it looks like this

    Carbs-80-90 if I go over O well
    Protein 50
    Fats10-20 no more

    Thus at the end of the day Im usually between 400-450 g's of carbs 250 or more g's of protien and about 80 g's of fat

    I have read somewhere that 40 grams of protien per meal is optimal- but these people where not addressing people on anabolics, we all know that while trying to bulk on anabolics we need more fuel- so is 50 gs okay or will I store that as fat? Just some food for thought guys- off to stack some bank....

  2. i think the DAILY cals with determine fat storage MORE so than the food combinations, although id suggest keeping fat no more than 20 grams per meal so that any increases in insulin wont allow as much fats to be stored into tissue.

  3. makes sense to me...guess as long as it adds up to 4k im okay with it- expecting some fat storage as I am eating massive amounts of food

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