1. mickhart.com

    Anybody ever hear of this guy?? He claims to be the shiznit when it comes to steroids and excerise.

  2. I've d/led many books from his yahoo file folder. (Books by other people) Other than that I know nothing abt the guy.

  3. i stumbled acrossed his website...seems like a knowledgable guy..wants money up front just to get on his steroid board....

  4. I really dont see how this guy could know more than some of the long time vets u find on other sites, or on here for that matter...

  5. hmm yea ive seen a lot of adverts for him and how he made someone huge in a year using steroids...and all this crap, but as the others said he wants money =[

  6. ive read his stuff, he has some weird advice for certain things, but is a proponent of low dosages and such for the most part.

  7. there are people with smart ideas no doubt, but this man talks about dbol only cycles and stuff like that if i remember right ... look for better choices bro , maybe look at ironaddict, dc , bryan haycock , alr or someone like that for ideas on eating , training and steroids , cant go wrong .

  8. Entertaining reading actually. read the Ebook. The thing about dbol only cycles only applies to people that don't run it like a real cycle. he is not really updated in the latest on roids but his is sensable and I did enjoy his almost humerist like writing. I'll post a page or two if that is aceptable.

    As for joining a pay site I only did that once when I started and will never do it again.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Skye
    I'll post a page or two if that is aceptable.
    Post a few.
  10. The laymans guide to steroids #2

    Chapter 4
    To Much - To Little
    I was having a chat on the phone with one of my readers the other day and we were discussing the great NBC magazine in general and I asked him his opinion of it. He said that he enjoyed every issue personally, but a couple of his friends had said it was absolute crap! I asked him as to their reasons for not liking the mag. His reply was that they had said that the stacks featured in the mag occasionally were inadequate, to be more precise;
    "....... amounts for pussies" was their actual answer. Well, that's silly to start with, I don't advise any cats on steroids!
    I then asked him to describe the physical appearance of the two very descriptive mother ****ing arse wipes to me. "Why?", was his reply.
    "I need to know", said I.
    He told me that they were big strong guys but carrying a lot of fat and holding quite a bit of water. Hmnnn, thought as much, mobile water carriers! Now here is my answer to their opinion. I have the greatest respect for any other people's opinion, (ish) but I also have the right to react accordingly to those points given against mine. The stacks featured in the NO BULL COLLECTION magazines are deliberately set at a sensible rate because I have told this so many times in the past but this time, I will put it a little louder:


    Clear enough!
    These people (and their like) call themselves bodybuilders and yet find it extremely difficult to distinguish between being FAT and being FIT. Oh, no doubt they train, but that training will be the chest and arms variety, say four or five times per week. Leg workouts would not be needed for these type of people because very rarely do they take their trousers or track suit bottoms off in the changing rooms to show off their massively feathered quads; because most of them won't have them!!

    Plus they are usually the type who appear in the gym with all the designer training tackle on and don’t even live up to the standard in the first place! Now then in the sexual department.

    Why is it that most of their women complain that they are sexually inadequate? Simple really, they do struggle quite a lot to get it on because.......


    More explanations. These people think that bodybuilding should be about eating morethan anyone else, lifting more weight than they can manage properly, making more noise than need be and basically intimidating everybody else in the gym all because.......


    There's more. It is not a case of the more that you take the bigger you will get. Taking steroids
    helps you to get bigger and stronger, this is without doubt, but 90% of the success is down to the training, diet and rest, this is what it has always been. It is also a case of getting all of this to come together at one time to achieve the results that you are wanting. The point is that if you are the type that will disregard the important factors of diet/nutrition and rest in favor of the ever increasing amounts of steroids that YOU THINK will make you bigger and better than before, then you are on a hiding to absolute nothing.

    Bodybuilding is getting a kick in the balls all to often of late for my liking and these type of people do not get classed in the category of "bodybuilder" in my opinion. Most of them do not read a magazine for long anyway and to say that the stacks are "not enough" is a pathetic attempt at
    an opinion - period! The main reason for all this is simplicity itself:


    Starting out at a steadier pace is the most important first step into taking the gear. You must first listen to those around you who have your best interests at heart. If they are not sure, they will seek out and find the answers for you. Safety can be kept to a maximum throughout your use
    of the gear, this is all important at all times. The danger arises when you have a couple of dick brains who are the life and soul of the gym (not) who advocate " as much as possible in the shortest time" steroid training. You must, AT ALL COSTS, try to avoid these type of people. They are your greatest danger and certainly NOT an asset.

    It is best to look at a system / cycle layout over say one year. Doing it this way will allow different stacks, varied steroids and ever increasing safety checks throughout the courses. You will also find out what does suit and what doesn't. Are the higher androgenic gears better for you? Are injections acceptable or do orals give you problems - vice versa? Do you blow up with water? How to combat it and avoid it in the future. What lay off periods are best for you, long or short? Do long periods on the gear work best for you or will the shorter ones not close the receptor sites down as quick? If so, how to avoid it and continue on. There are so many reasons as to why you should be continually monitoring your safety and progress throughout the stacks that you choose. All of these things should be taken into consideration before, during and after the cycles.

    Trying to look like the local heavy is not the way to go. Surely you have your own idea as to what size you want to be? This should be aimed at in a series of goal-settings, say three and six monthly periods onto the final one year. Getting to these time periods safely is all important and then you can see what gains you have made, allow for distractions and periods off and get some idea as to how you have grown in the time periods allotted. You can also look at the different products that you have used in conjunction with the natural supplements that you may or will have taken and get a very good idea what works, when and how. Now then, does this seem a better, safer way of handling things?

    The local heavy man method is not the way to go. You are your own creation and succeed or fail, you must stick by that theory at all times. Everyone is different in oh so many ways (a cue for a song there I think) and this is the method and reasoning by which you can succeed without a
    doubt. All to often I have had calls and letters from guys and girls that have been training and using the gear the "Way of the Fat Guy" for so long and say, ".............. so how can I get rid of my tummy now that I have built the size that I wanted?" My answer is for them to look at themselves
    and tell me honestly just how much of their physique is fat and water and how much muscle will be left once the lard is off? Their initial reaction is mainly surprise, then anger followed by surprise again when I describe what they look like ON THE PHONE and having never seen them before.
    If they listen to what is said, the next job is to try and undo what they have taken all the time and training to achieve - zilch! When all the crap is off their body, and they can see the real muscle that is left behind, they are indeed smaller BUT fitter and looking like they could do something with their physiques. This happens all to often.

    Those who choose the other way find themselves in a mess and in many cases unable to repair or retrain, result a very confused and FAT individual who has a grudge against bodybuilding - period! Who can blame them? I can, especially when many of them will read this.

  11. Chapter 3 Use vs abuse

    The only way to combat all steroid side effects, in effect, is to stop using
    them altogether - that makes sense I suppose. The problem is that most
    of us quite like using them simply because they are a short cut, a way of
    cutting out the boring possibility of maybe ten years of natural training, just
    to see if we would really grow without the gear. Sorry mates, no a furking
    prayer. I trained so natural at one time, I was near arrested for indecency,
    well sort of. I just could not wait around any longer, I needed to get it on
    and I am glad I did, as most are.
    You see there was a difference, a reason why I wanted to use the gear
    and that was to enhance my training, build my physique and enjoy the
    benefits that it could bring - it did. Now the other option was that I could
    have come off at any time. Steriods are not addictive, so were was the
    worry. I knew that if I sought the right advice, I would be OK, I was sure
    of that. Sadly, it was not there and I had to find out for myself, in many
    different ways that you could not imagine. Oh ****, and er, having a lot of
    chemists and bio-chemists as friends helped a tad too - ahem!
    Many people ask how come we
    know so much about dosages and
    the like. Easy really, after gaining
    the knowledge of what a basic, standard
    dosage should be for the product
    and what it should be used for,
    self experimentation is the only way
    forward after that. Most bodybuilders
    know what works for them and what
    doesn't, those that don't follow the
    lead - this is fact and the way of life.
    We can look at the dosage for
    Sustanon for instance. It could really
    be taken once every two weeks in

    reality, and for tissue rebuilding which it was designed for originally, that is
    the case. For bodybuilding, the same applies, but we need more in the
    line of tissue additions than replacing or rebuilding in many ways. When
    looking at the safe dosages that should be taken, it is easy to understand
    why many of the more sensible and let's say, professional bodybuilders
    and athletes do not get many problems, this is because they should be
    working within a SWL or ‘safe working load’. Most cranes, their ropes and
    cables, will say that they can lift loads of up to, for instance, 5 tonnes, this
    will be it's SWL, yet it may be capable of three times that. There is no
    need whatsoever in going over that SWL. If you do, and it is just a little
    bit, there will be no problems. When it is exceeded, then what the hell do
    you expect - problems are gonna come me old **** sparras! If you stick
    to the dosages that experienced bodybuilders suggest you should have no
    real problems. If you do, then BEFORE the problem gets worse HEED
    the advice given again and use something totally different and reduce or
    eliminate the problem - period! Let's look at the list of side effects that you
    have just read and analyse them individually. I am not going to hide them,
    just look a little more closely into what they actually are.
    Okay, we know it has been known for some bodybuilders to experience a
    little hair loss here and there. But once the particular steroid has been
    isolated, it can be avoided. A steroid that gives one guy a problem, may
    not be likely to give another the same ****. Primo and Winstrol have been
    known to do this for a few people but after changing to another and even
    going back onto the same ones for another try, the problem receded - get
    it - receed, oh bollocks then. Women have been known to have some hair
    loss, I think! Sorry people, but I just don't know anyone personally who
    has though!? What more can I say. But if there is someone out there that
    has had a problem, sorry I missed you out - don't get angry with me -
    keep yer 'air on!
    Well, can't argue with the odd headache now and then. This has been
    due to the blood pressure rising slightly. Easily remedied by easing off the
    training for a day or cutting back on the dosage slightly. Another way is to
    try lower androgenic gear. Headaches can be caused by the slight
    increase in blood pressure due to the body retaining more water. Ease
    back or ease off! The trouble with this problem or side effect is that many
    people get headaches and even if it wasn't the gear, it would be blamed.
    A simple asprin (or two) will thin the blood suffiently to lower the blood

    pressure and help to remove the headache. Although asprin has it's own
    side effect problems, it is now known that the first treatment that can be
    administered BEFORE the doctor (hopefully) gets to you, is to take a couple
    of asprin. This acts as a de-coagulant and reduces the pressure
    almost immediately.
    Yellow staining! I have only ever known two people ever to have problems.
    One was a world champion powerlifter. The dosages that he took
    would amaze scientists! He was an abuser with a capital A. I would say
    that he was at least 10 times over what he should have been on. If he
    had, he would have had no real problems. Do you know of many bodybuilders/
    athletes taking steroids that have YELLOW eyes? By the way,
    the other was a vampire!
    Don't you think that this one is an easy one to combat? Brush yer bloody
    teeth for God's sake! After seeing this side effect on a list somewhere, I
    thought that they must be making some of this **** up to fill a page. I
    HAVE NEVER known a bodybuilder complain about this one. What they
    might have gotten mixed up is, for instance, when someone is getting
    closer to a contest, say a couple of days, he restricts his water level
    sometimes; mouth gets dry, dare not use tooth paste ...... get it? The person
    who thought this one up must have been to a show, talked to a couple
    of dry mouthed dragon breathed
    'builders and thought "this one
    will confuse 'em!"
    No one can argue with this one.
    Steroids can cause
    Gynecomastia (bitch tits) and so
    therefore Nolvadex IS recommended
    as an aid to prevent this
    problem. NOLVADEX is THE
    main defence against "bitch tits".
    Always has been and in my
    eyes, always will be. For most,
    who have taken the anti-oestrogen
    defender on a regular basis
    from the beginning of their

    courses, they have not experienced much in the way of the "bitch".
    Prevention is better than a cure any day. However, if you have a couple
    of problems sticking out of your chest and nipples like chapel coat hangers
    that would make Pamela Anderson jealous, taking Nolvadex will not
    do much good - the surgeons knife is the only way out here. So remember
    when the arsehole tells you that you do not need any Nolvadex
    (maybe 'cos he can't get any), think on, you could be more popular than
    you think - especially in a dress!
    I must say that almost anything can damage the liver, so why do steroids
    all of a sudden cause more damage than anything else. Booze alone can
    make it look like a shagged sponge and yet I can see no ban on alcohol of
    late - can you? No one with any sense would disagree that steroids, alcohol
    OR indeed anything else taken in excessively could not cause damage
    to the liver. Think about this one; if you were to take an overdose of
    paracetamol, say a dozen or two, then take the same amount in
    Testosterone for instance, in the first one you would die - period, in the
    second you may not get the horn for a few days and your balls would
    shrink temporarily. Different eh?
    Personally I don't have any problems related to the abdomen, except for
    an near uncontrollable urge to stick it on a female, but the fear and threat
    of instant death cured me no end! Steroids can cause gas problems, indigestion,
    in some cases, but I speak mainly from a personal point of view
    here. It is important to note that again, people have different problems
    with different steroids and can deal with them accordingly.
    I know that SUSTANON is a great builder for me personally, but if I stack it
    with certain types (personally), I tend to get bad indigestion. I thought that
    with a problem such as wind - I ought to buy a kite. Actually, it is a nice,
    big and green with .............. ahem - I digress!
    As for the nausea, vomiting and diarrea, nope, not with me it didn't, oh yes
    it did, I remember. It took a heavily raisined hot vindaloo curry and plenty
    of lagers to sort that one out. The local council exiled me and my friends -
    bless 'em all.......
    This can become infected even without steroids being used and is one of
    the main problems that men suffer from in later years. How many times
    have you gone into hospital and looked over to the the older guys lying

    there with the dark orange bag on the side of the bed? Loadsatimes!!
    No you do not tap it and unwrap it - twat!
    Infections can be caught in many ways and I suppose that steroids are
    bound to get picked out for that one. It is true, however, that steroids do
    make you piss pass water a lot, (I chose "pass" over "piss" - vulgarity, not
    here?), but is is also true that bodybuilders drink lot's of coffee and take
    cart loads of vitamin C! Now do you get it! It can be misconstrued.
    Both coffee and vitamin C will make you dribble better than Newcastle
    United’s new footballer, Shear, Sheere, Sheeer, er, George Best!
    Now with steroids the skin can get a few problems. As for the yellowing,
    well that can be jaundice and can be caused by any blood disorder -
    steroids would be blamed again anyway. The main problem that we can
    come up against is acne. This is caused by the body trying to reject the
    steroid and causing a build up of bacteria against the skin.
    The best way to combat such a problem is to scrub the body (especially
    area) about twice per day and use an anti-bacterial soap/scrub. This
    works well. Working from the inside out, try taking more vitamin C than
    you would ordinarily do - say 4 or 5 grams at least. This will help to wash
    the system out. Drink plenty of water with real lemon juice in. Lemon
    cuts thorugh grease (and it can be kind to your hands - or is that Fairy?).
    Stretch marks? Well, what do you expect - you have to grow. The trouble
    is that we grow at a faster rate than normal people (wimps) and it is to be
    expected. To combat, use plenty of body oils to allow the skin to stretch
    that bit better. It is due to the lack of elasticity of the skin that little tears
    appear - especially under the armpits. Jeeez, it was a sod when my willy
    started to grow bigger and bigger! I could not wash it fast enough in oil!
    So let's say you don't take the gear for one moment. Does this mean that
    you are not going to get injured or have an attack of cramp? Of course
    not. How the bloody hell can anyone say that there would be long periods
    of recovery - that's what they do HELP RECOVERY! This really pisses
    me off (or passes if you read earlier). We are lifting weight for God's
    sake, we are bound to pull a muscle from time to time. So does every
    other CLEAN athlete on the British Team - NOT!
    Simple again! Now take a deep breath in please ........
    Is it so, that if you don't use the gear and ARE still a fat bastard AND the

    fact that you have legs like tree trunks and the extra weight flattens your
    feet out like plates when you walk - is it not down to the fact that you ARE
    a fat bastard - period, and it has got nothing to do with the steroids whatsoever
    but we will blame them anyway. Breathe out now................ End!
    It is true that in many cases a rush of testosterone can indeed get the
    hairs standing up on the back of your neck. The same thing goes for the
    women during a menstrual cycle, estrogen in their case, but the principle
    is still the same. Have you guys got a woman who, when just before her
    period, wants to rip off your head for leaving the hairs in the sink after a
    shave? What about an even worse scenario where you say that you love
    her maybe six or seven times and she has suddenly GONE DEAF! Now
    that is scary. There is no reasoning with her - you are a dead man; destined
    to sleep the rest of the night with your nuts in your hand, scared ****less
    in case she wants to remove your own testosterone levels from your
    body! Brrrrrrrrr.
    No one, even I, will deny that steroids can make you aggressive at times.
    BUT, it is this control factor that has to be understood. I have said it many
    times and will again that if you are psychologically brain ****ed anyway
    and can even get mad at the Sunday morning milkman for not saying
    mornin' then you had better steer clear of steroids. Most of the people I
    know have had no real problems with the gear and the aggressive factors.
    Those who have had them realized and sorted the problem straightaway.
    The people that cannot handle the increase are those who simply do not
    train; i.e. the super raver. Most of the brain ****ed tab heads don't know
    jack **** what they are taking anyway, so who gives a ****. They think that
    you pop a few and BOOM instant muscle. We wish!!
    To much high androgenic gear, to fast, no Nolvadex and yep, the face can
    get bloated no doubt. The trick here is take in knowledge and listen. Stop
    being a cocky arse and listen to people who know. No problems will
    This one made me giggle. Who has a sore tongue on the steroids?
    C'mon who? The only time I knew of a guy who had a sore tongue was
    when he was preparing a jab and put the needle in his mouth (till he
    pulled his keks down) but the wrong way. After the incident, he thalked

    thike that and his tongue put on about 3lbs of pure muscle - ISH! Tongue
    sore? Tongue excuse? Tongue MY ARSE!! Eh? Pardon!
    Men not affected very much here. But the women can start to speak lower
    than a whales arse. No denying it. To much gear and the Captain
    Scarlett impressions come out. (Say it this way and you know what I
    mean, “ This is the voice of the Misterons....”. You know, the deep voiced
    bloke? Aw **** off then!)
    The statement said that there would be an increase in heart disease,
    strokes and death. An increase in cholesterol and blood pressure. Now
    that covers about everything that can happen to the heart. The steroid
    information listing that most of these
    symptoms and problems where taken
    from was an information sheet/booklet
    written by people who would be blown
    away with the simplest level of knowledge.
    Think about this; what other
    problems, products, foods, situations,
    stresses, minerals, aliens (?) can
    cause problems with the heart? List
    them all and then we will add steroids
    to the end of the list. There will be a
    test when we have finished - in a few years time!!
    Except for indigestion, I personally
    have had no problems with bloating,
    nausea OR vomiting blood nor do I
    know of anyone else who has. It really
    is like looking at a car and saying
    what could happen but never does. I
    can say that anything can happen in
    extreme cases though. This is obvious.
    Kidney stones, failure and disease.
    Nope sorry. I do not know of anyone

    who has had serious problems. I do know of many people who have had
    kidney strain through taking FAR to many heavy duty orals after they have
    been told to ease off and put in the safety factors such as vitamin C, zinc
    and primrose oil. Those who do not risk certain problems I agree.
    Being able to fill a pint pot in one great push is possible but that does not
    mean to say there is a problem with the bladder. A serious test to see if
    the Prostrate is working OK, is to see how far you can arc your water.
    This can be done on the back yard or in the street. The end result in
    either case is that if the arc is about 2-3 feet, everything is OK. If tested in
    the street and the results are the same good, except for the £50 fine that
    The testicles can shrink - no doubt, but this is due to the fact that you are
    putting in to your body EXTRA testosterone than is needed - how else do
    you grow so fast. The fact that it shrinks them CAN be true, but this can
    be remedied by the injecting of HCG which will bring them back to normal;
    in most cases almost immediately.
    Again, if to much gear is used, getting a hard will be harder. After trials
    you will find what works for you best and the steroids that can cause a
    problem in the wedding tackle department can be avoided. The problem
    here is that each steroid effects people in many different ways, especially
    in this department. It depends on how much bottle you have to start with I
    This is pure common sense
    and to get it wrong is down to
    you and you alone. Using
    needles via someone elses
    arse is asking for trouble.
    Not cleaning the injection
    sight properly is downright
    pathetic and the major cause
    of many an abcess.
    Any youngster still in the
    major growing process

    should avoid steroids period. This is because taking them whilst going
    through this natural growing stage can cause problems with the growth
    factor. There is no need for the kids to touch them at all at this time
    because there is an abundance of natural test flowing so fast and will
    induce growth very quickly. As for the bones becoming brittle, NOPE, I do
    not know of anyone PERSONALLY who has broken into bits - sorry. The
    mass use of Growth Hormone (and I mean MASS) is believed to rob the
    body of calcium which has been know to happen. This was combatted by
    the induction of extra calcium into the diet via extra food or supplementary
    Please note:
    When I say that I do not know of a problem personally, I do not mean from
    few guys down at the local drinking hole. My personally comes from a
    customer, friend, professional and amateur following/database of many,
    MANY THOUSANDS of bodybuilders! Wanna know something else, I
    know most of them personally too! Eat your heart out Mr. Memory Man!

  12. I talked to this guy awhile back, and to tell you the truth when i talked to him, he really didnt know his ****... msot of his ideas are just rephrased ideas that other people have come out with.
    IMHO, there are two great steroid gurus...... 1.) Dan Duchaine 2.) Bill L. (yea i know some hate him, but the man knows his ****, alot better than most)

  13. I've read his books and was a member on his sight for awhile. His ideas are very old and outdated.

  14. There is a difference between having alot of knowledge about steroids in general (ie.. information on compunds in use such as deca, test, tren etc..) and having a great deal of knowledge in all aspects of steroid use/anabolic compunds/chemistry....(recpetors, new compounds, and androgens in general, etc...). Alot of people who write books and call themselves gurus, are really only giving opinions and cycle information on the main AAS in use today, to me thats really jsut copying and it really gets boring. I know for me, AAS and the chemicals in general, are fun. Its something THat Takes up most of my day and I know many people probably think I am crazy but this is what I do. This is why I am always searching and talking about a new compound. When that compund is being used, I search for another, i am always looking for something better... I try to keep my ideas and opinions to myself and between a select few people because it seems the boards (with the ex. of AM) have become jsut fighting grounds, and rational ideas/theories cannot be discussed without someone starting an argument.

    To get abck to the original point, I think when looking at who should be called a steroid expert or such, you need to look at the bigger picture of AAS and muscle growth/anabolism in general. Just talking about a few AAS and such isnt really new and innovative, which I feel an expert should be. This is why I place Dan Duchaine and Bill L. at the top because they meet my criteria for experts.
    Bill L. is often seen negativly becuase of his supplement ventures and controversies but in reality his books are probably some of the best out, and his knowledge never ceases to amaze me. My goal is to one day have close to the amount of knowleedge and advice that those two have on AAS and bbing in general.

  15. Guys, everthing your saying is true. But I don't think that your not seeing the forest for the trees here. Look at the title of his two best books "Laymens". he really is adressing an a very differnt type of gear user then you will usually find here. And while he is outdated (old school would be more polite) the books and the board (from what I have heard ) do an excelent job of explaining the basics and answer all kinds of newbie questions. Information is only as good as the presentation, This is why I tend not to post or quote studies, most of them are written in medical-ese. While that is not a problem here on a lot of boards that would cause you to lose your point, not make it. Dan Duchaine may be a far better expert then mick hart but I would argue that hart reads will get more from him then Duchaine.

  16. Demon, download his stuff from here.

    Download your steroid ebooks

    He seems to be pretty OK. Definitely not at par with authors such as L Rea. What Mick's put down in his books can be found in most open forums/websites. An example would be www.steroid.com.

    Bottomline: You can skip all his books.

  17. Micks books are good. I like the detail he goes into, but his limey slang is kind of a trun off. Makes it seem like he wrote it for major bone heads and I'd like to think of myself as 'not a bone-head.'

  18. IMHO, they ar ejust generic steroid books. Ill admite he is a good "AUTHOR" because all he does is take regular, general steroid knowledge or info and put it in simple terms. ANyone can do this, all you need to do is the research and then rephrase it in simpler terms, which is all he does in his writing. Honestly if you ttok the time you could write his books and call yourself a guru. He is a good author but not a steroid guru. Look at Bill. L> and duchaine, as they are truley steroid "Gurus" as they dont jsut take someones info, and reprhase it as new... they do the research and come up with new ideas and dont water down their writings..... Just my opinion....

  19. Quote Originally Posted by nsruffryder34
    IMHO, they ar ejust generic steroid books. Ill admite he is a good "AUTHOR" because all he does is take regular, general steroid ...............they do the research and come up with new ideas and dont water down their writings..... Just my opinion....
    Couldn't agree more.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Golgo13
    Micks books are good. I like the detail he goes into, but his limey slang is kind of a trun off. Makes it seem like he wrote it for major bone heads and I'd like to think of myself as 'not a bone-head.'
    That was kinda my point. like said most people on this board will not gain anything from him but how bone heads do you see popping up here and there? and there are some boards full of them. not trying to be insulting here but I am having a flashback to the guy that figured out that fina pellets could be used rectally.


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