deca/sus 250 cycle info

  1. deca/sus 250 cycle info

    im looking into my first cycle and i have been offered some sustanon 250 with some deca and if i run it i would run the deca at 200 mg / week for 10 weeks and the sustanon at 250 mg/ week once a week as well. this is nothing solid for me just asking after doing some searches but not coming up with anything solid. pct will be nolvadex blah blah i have that all worked out already i just want to know if this will be a solid 10 week cycle for a first time user

    im 5'11
    170 lbs
    and plan to consume 4,000 calories a day and want to get to 210 lbs
    if anyone wants to know...

  2. this actually my friend posting this on my profile i dont weigh 170 lbs.. but w.e i dont mind it under my name but its just FTW

  3. I'd pick test prop, cyp, or enth rather than sust..

    I don't mind the ED/EOD injections so I would go with prop, but you might rather enth to limit it to 1-2 pins / week.

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