Tren Ace and Test Enth Cycle

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  1. Tren Ace and Test Enth Cycle

    So im just going to start somewhat of a log, on my cycle i started about 3 days ago.

    I have been on test for quite some time now, i tend to keep the amount of time i have been on my supplements to myself as i know how my body reacts and understand the risk benefit.

    I make all of my own supplements as well so i know the contents in it, the sterility, and the dosage and potency.

    I am currently running Tren Acetate and test Enth.


    tren ace: 75mg ED
    Test Enth: 250 mg twice per week (on a cruising dose for about 5 weeks)
    I will be bumping up the test to 500mg every week and then 750 and then to 1000mg every week starting in 4 weeks.

    I will not state the duration of my cycle as i usually dont do that either.


    8.4% BF
    Age: NA

    Past cycles:

    Test enth 500, 750 1000Mgs over 20 weeks Stacked with Equipoise at 500mgs per week. I got a lot more vascular and gained some good quality mass and hardness.

    test enth 500 mgs 750mgs Every week over 16 weeks stacked with anadrol to kickstart it at 50 and then 100mgs ED over 6 weeks.

    Results so far: Three days into the tren acetate, pin site was sore again (due to a tad bit too much of BA) Hit test again today as usual. Hit my b-12 shot on wednesday so i am really feeling great overall.

    Tren is still loading, should start feeling it in about 6 more days. My vascularity has gone up though, my aggression hasnt budged (very laid back guy) and my pumps have increased slightly along with a little strength, but thinking its all in my head at this point.

    goals for this cycle: wishing to loose about 1-2 % BF and gain about 12-20lbs overall. preferably 220 in about 8 weeks. and by the end of august i would like to be sitting at 240 at 6-8% BF.

    Diet: dont count carbs, i just eat aimlessly but eat very clean. 3-5 chicken breasts per day, 5 cups of rice, lots of milk (almost half to full gallon) 2 gallons of water a day, sizeon shake, and about 4-6 protein shakes per day. about 300-350grams protein per day usually.

  2. Day 4

    Pinned this morning, i feel that i dont feel the pin as much in the morning as im just waking up still and it really kind of pumps me up and energizes me for the rest of the day.

    Today was shoulders and some biceps. Felt very strong with shoulder press. Pressing 120 DB's and 205 overhead shoulder press. Major increase from last weeks workout.

    i noticed i have been very aggressive today, little things have been rubbing me the wrong way and i have been flying off at some people if they say the wrong things to me or do annoying things around me.

    Sex drive is still great, sex last night was fine. Just as normal.

    No other sides have been noticed.

    I have noticed a large increase in bulging veins in my calves as well and in my neck as well as biceps and triceps.

    Feeling great other then the aggression, i dont like being mean.

  3. hey guys,

    Couldnt get to the computer yesterday, due to being with my fiance and her family for easter.


    I pinned yesterday morning as usual 75mg/ml. Painless until after the pin was done, then after pin pain set in as usual. Glutes are getting a little sore from this weeks ED pins. Going to switch next week to delts and triceps hopefully.

    My aggression is still a little high but it seems like its been more tolerable and i have been able to calm down faster and easier, also no one here rubs me the wrong way ha.

    Physical results so far: Well i have noticed i am getting a lot thicker and more dense. My vascularity is going through the roof as well.

    my appetite has sky ROCKETED. I am eating ALL the time. every hour a full meal. I have never eaten this much, not even on anadrol.

    I dont lift on the weekends so i cant tell you about in gym experience.


    I dont feel any night sweats yet, i am very happy about that. Sleeping with the fiance isnt fun when u soak her. I have had some insomnia, but 2 maximum strength unisom sleeping pills take care of that just fine. Nipples seem a little puffier, it may be due to all the water and creatine i am putting in, sometimes my nipples retain water haha, i have had issues with this before. But no lactation, i have vitex standing by for when i do start lactating, and i will get caber if it gets out of hand. I am also still running 40mg nolvadex this week and next week and then lowering it to 20mg for the following two for my gyno and to keep my estrogen low while im on my test.

    I am running low on test enth so i will need to brew some in the next few weeks.

    I will be pinning today in the evening, i will see how it effects my sleeping. Due to me being out of town and not bringing gear with me as i never do, i cant pin this morning.

    Will keep you posted guys.

    definitely seeing myself as being thicker and denser, all over. its amazing how fast it happened.

  4. Day 6.

    Just got back into town last night from Easter vacation with my fiance and her family. Went well.

    Onto the nitty gritty.

    As i said i would in my last post i would pin in the evening the day i got home from vacation. I did. It made me very tired actually and didnt keep me up or wired. Im not sure if this was because i had been tired anyways, but it made me feel like i had to sleep right that minute haha.

    When i pin i am still getting the metallic taste in my mouth, almost like getting a filling at the dentist, still no tren cough.

    Dosage: 75MG ED

    My glutes are getting a little sore, but i think they are getting used to it. I switched to a 1.5in pin to make it a little deeper, it feels like it helps a bit to keep the pain away.

    I have gained 1lb so far haha, my diet has been spot on and i am eating everything i can get my hands on. Although today is the first day that i havent been super hungry all day.

    I pinned my tren ace and test enth today as well, in the morning, and it went just fine, i love getting my test in. Feels great, uplifting.

    My mood has been better, no one has really ticked me off and set me off recently, which is great, i have been really laid back and chill, keeping to my self. I feel normal today though, i dont feel like i could rip someones head off or feel like i can walk through walls.

    Sides: still no night sweats, insomnia is gone, no lactation, no hair loss, nothing serious. My gyno is getting a little worse and i am on nolvadex currently. I am going to up the dosage for a week and see how it works. If not im going to run armidex for an AI and then use letro and nolvadex after i get off the tren.

    I am not feeling anymore vascular than usual, i did see some new ones come out in my triceps and forearms, neck, and shoulders as well though. Tiny, but still pushing through and showing more.

    Biggest change: STRENGTH. I felt like a beast in the gym today. I was doing concentrated curls DB 100lbs on each arm. i was using 140lb overhead tricep dips, 3 45lb plates for tricep dips with belt. I felt great and sweated a ton in the gym. I am not feeling pumped though throughout the day today, like i have been. I am thinking this is because of my low amount of test i am pinning. I need to brew more and bump it up a lot.

    Will keep you guys posted for tomorrow and see how i feel.

  5. did u brew from fina pelletsof just raw powder?,,, thats a hefty dose of tren ace for a first cycle if you dont know how its gonna effect you.. everything else looks decent..but i dont think being at your level of cycle expierence that you can expect a 40lb gain from tren ace and test... if your running this cycle for that long your gonna have to eventually switch out the tren ace since u cant run it 20 weeks... also id continually be switching up your compounds that your using to keep the gains coming.. also i really dont think you need to be using nolva already.. it will agrivate the gyno u get from tren... plus its unneeded right now your just putting strain on your liver..... im very interest to see how this cycle turns out subbed looking forward to the progress..

    r u doing any cardio?... im very interested in how tren effects cardio.. looking to throw a low dose in towards the end of my cycle.. but i do cardio 6 days a week.. and box 3-4..

  6. I brewed my tren from pellets. I have been cycling for a pretty long time now and feel that i am in control of what i am cycling now.

    Also 75mg ED of tren ace is a hefty dose, but i would rather do it every day to keep my blood serum levels even.

    Today i bumped my dosage up to 100mg ED.

    Also i stopped the nolvadex because i remembered it aggrivates the gyno due to a 19-nor compound. I substituted it for armidex.

    I am receiving little side effects so far, just as stated above. A little bit of insomnia last night though. My appetite is sky high today as well.

    This morning i pinned 100mg and it burned a bit, i pinned near a recent pin spot and it hurt a tad bit more. Bled a good amount after too. So far so good though, its been exactly 1 week today.

    Also i dont plan on putting on 40lbs from just tren ace haha.

    I will be running some igf-1 twice this summer, as well as some dbol or anadrol again. i believe i will be able to put on close to 30 lbs, but 40lbs being my goal.

    Edit: just got back from the gym for my work out today. I did legs and some biceps (light). Let me tell you, i did an incredible amount of weight on my legs and went very very heavy on arms as well. Funny my strenght felt like it was through the rough. I felt like an absolute beast today.. temper and aggression were fine today but i felt like i could walk through walls and destroy someone.

  7. Also i do not do cardio while on tren. I have a few buddies who have done cardio heavily on tren and their endurance is down the drain and its just exhausting and not very fun from what i hear.

  8. Day 8

    Well i just woke up, covered in sweat. haha. Looks like i had the night sweats last night after bumping the dosage up to 100mgs. Although it was very hot in my house last night and humid due to some rain, it may have added to it. I didnt sleep much but woke up pretty energized. I did my routine and felt the glutes and felt which one was not sore. Pinned my left glute with 100mgs or 1.5cc TA. Went in smoothly, i dont get a burning sensation anymore. Still no cough, doubtful that it will come along. Although i still get a metallic taste in my mouth.

    I am wondering if there is any correlation with TA and creatine because when i take my creatine i blow up. It really blotes my arms up and makes everything feel and look really full. This goes from both Sizeon Creatine (CEE) and just the regular old creatine monohydrate.

    My nipples have stopped hurting since the cease of nolvadex. I feel a slight cold going on so im going to stop the armidex for a few days and get my estrogen back a bit and see if that will help out.

    Sex drive is up actually, i am up all the time and my fiance is very pleased with my performance.

    Still sweating a lot in the gym, more than normal, and sweating whenever else. I also seem to be out of breath a lot, even from climbing stairs in my house.

    I will be finishing out this week (5 more days) at 100mgs and see how i feel before i bump it up to 125mgs then to 150mgs ED, if i can tolerate it.

    My aggression is still fine, i am wondering what might happed with this increased dose though.

    So far, loving this stuff. And its only been one week. This log will go 6-8 weeks.

  9. Day 9:

    Alright guys. So yesterday (Day8) when i went to the gym, i did chest and triceps. Holy hell. I dont know what (well i do, its called tren ace) the hell happened, but i was throwing around BIG weight in there. Putting up about 325 on bench for 5 reps, 2 sets, and chest pressing 10 reps with 120lb DB. 70lb DB side chest press and 120lb DB incline and bench chest press. Triceps are feeling a lot stronger as well and 120lb DB overhead triceps extensions feel like nothing. I remember grabbing 50lb DB's to do triceps extensions (bent over) and it felt like 20lbs so i grabbed 70lbs hahah.

    I looked bigger yesterday, looking dryer now too, and a tad grainy in shoulder, back, and arms. My skin is looking very tightly pulled over my muscles, its a very nice sensation.

    Today is back and light biceps. Im interested to see how my lats feel and my traps.

    I just pinned this morning for day 9, i did my test and tren in same plunger and it was quite a bit of oil in the right glute. I did not have night sweats yesterday at 100mg ED, it was due to my very hot house that i had sweated a little the previous night. Last night it rained and i left the windows cracked with a nice breeze and it got quite chilly so it was perfect. Should be like this for the next week or so. I pinned 150mg's Tren today. I am going to run 150mg ED for a week or so and see my tolerance. I will not be going any higher then this.

  10. Day 10:

    Hey guys, well today is day 10. I got some new stuff in the mail today and used my new, oh so pretty, 25G 1.5in luer lock syringes to pin this morning. Usually i use vet grade 22g no luer lock. It slipped right in as all 25g do, and was in my left glute. I slide the entire 1.5in pin in and started pushin, felt great. Had to push a little hard though, my tren was cold from being left out over night in the open air ha. Felt nice though, just took a little longer and more pressure.

    On to the nitty gritty.

    I SMELL. but not bad. I smell nice actaully, i like it, alot. I smell like grapes. haha, my fiance pointed the smell out the other day. I knew i had been smelling it, i though it was the tren but its not. Its the Grape seed oil. I think i smell fantastic haha, like a really good fruity odor that is swet but subtle. She loves it, she cant stop smelling me haha, she says i taste better as well. tren is so nice.

    I did back yesterday and did the most weight i have ever done. I was pounding out super heavy sets and really ripped my back up yesterday. I have put on 5lbs since i started now. I am looking a lot thicker, just really dense and pumpped all the time. VERY vascular. New veins are popping up every day in my triceps and shoulders.

    Still no night sweats, although its been very cold outside lately, also i have had no insomnia. Due to some nice double dosage of sleeping aids and realyl heavy lifting routines, with no stimulants, i am sleeping like a baby.

    Gyno is still present, but not being aggravated by the high dosage, not lactating either. its nice. I am also very very very hungry, all the time, still. I can eat a full meal every hour it seems. im having 5-6 shakes a day now too, just for fun.

    It seems that my muscles are realyl responding to creatine too, i mentioned this a few days ago, but it really seems that my msucles are just absorbing everything and getting very full.

    Sex drive is still intact, my test injections are still pretty low dosed, (cruising dose) 200mg/week. But i am still having great sex with my fiance almost every night. i have no problem climaxing or getting up very soon after we are finished.

    Anger. Well i feel like i can rip peoples heads off. It feels different though now. Like i have an on and off switch. If someone really pisses me off and i dont like them i can let them have it, but if i like them and dont want to yell i can control it, but my heart starts to beat 100 times a second ahah.

    Other then that guys i am feeling fantastic, have been really tired lately, i have been checking my eye color to see if its turning yellow for liver damage. I am going to start some milk thistle just in case my liver is sending out some toxins that are making me lethargic. My carbs are still sky high though and is my protein.

    Sweating like crazy as well, in the gym, and sometimes just sitting.

    Still no tren cough either.

  11. subbed, good luck dude tren is AWESOME!
    Quote Originally Posted by madds87 View Post
    Im not to fond of taking serm's for long periods of time....

  12. Hey timmah,

    Thanks a lot man. Im really liking the tren ace a lot. I feel kind of like a social outcast pinning 150mg ED though ahah. I seem to be very tired a lot more since starting the 100mg+ED. But thats fine with me, although i have been getting up about 2 hours earlier every day and staying up later due to the fiance.

    What were your experiences with tren?

    Also log update.

    I pinnedw ith the 1.5in 25G pin today and WOW i cant feel a dam thing it went so deep ha, love it.

    Also i brewed another 80cc tren Ace today so it will last me for about the rest of my cycle. I have about 100cc total right now at 75mg/ml.

    I couldnt make it to the gym today, i tried and pulled into the parking lot just as it was closing, i got really pissed and lost my ****. Shoulders was supposed to be today (Day 10) so i will be doing them tomorrow on saturday with some light triceps. Also i will be pinning some nice b12 (1cc) with my tren tomorrow morning. Going to be very very hyper tomorrow and energetic.

    Will keep you updated!

  13. Day 11:

    Hey Guys,

    Well lets see here, i just pinned this morning, actually around 2pm since i slept in way to late haha, dam sleeping pills knock me out, and i pinned my new batch i made yesterday to see how it feels, and it feels just the same as before. I think im going to add some EO next time to make it sting a bit less, but i kind of like the sting because it let me know its there.

    I am NOT going to go to the gym today, to do shoulders, i figure that i am going to get as much rest as i can and just do shoulders tomorrow and really isolate them.

    Just to clear some confusion up, i will be cleanign up this log a bit and make it easier to read a bit and track progress.

    new lay out will be like this under the day count (Day 11).

    Day: 11
    Weight: 203
    Strength: still going up
    Endurance: same
    Sex drive: perfect, a little less horny though since its been every night.
    Gyno: Still old test gyno there, but not getting irritated.
    Prolactin: None
    Hair loss: None
    Aggression: still there, but more controllable
    Dosage: 150mg/ED
    Pin: 25G luer lock 1.5in
    Brew: Finaplix-H pellets in solution of BB/BA/GSO
    Appetite: Still very high, i have been getting used to eating all the time so i cant say its going up, but its not going down.

    I am still really smelling like grapes haha, i actually really like it to tell you the truth, i dont smell bad like some people have experienced, i have heard people smell like garlic. Maybe its because they are using Sesamee seed oil or some other oil like 70% EO.

    I am feeling very strong still. Today i pinned 3CC, 2CC tren Ace, and 1cc b-12.

    I am hoping that the b-12 will make me feel a little happier and less aggressive and help my mood as well as burn some fat that i really dont even have to burn haha.

    I am waking up now really pumped and hard, my muscles are very hard, not as hard as they were when i was on EQ though, but still very hard and grainy. My muscle fibers are coming out a lot more too, my striations are really showing. Also my veins are throbbing and popping out insanely. I LOVE IT.

    I am starting to look bigger, and i am on a very high calorie diet due to my metabolism. This is being used as a bulking agent for this cycle, i never really cut, i just bulk as i never really put on heavy amount of fat.

    thanks for reading guys. Let me know about some feedback or some questions you may have.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by animal00043 View Post
    Hey timmah,

    Thanks a lot man. Im really liking the tren ace a lot. I feel kind of like a social outcast pinning 150mg ED though ahah. I seem to be very tired a lot more since starting the 100mg+ED. But thats fine with me, although i have been getting up about 2 hours earlier every day and staying up later due to the fiance.

    What were your experiences with tren?

    Also log update.

    I pinnedw ith the 1.5in 25G pin today and WOW i cant feel a dam thing it went so deep ha, love it.

    Also i brewed another 80cc tren Ace today so it will last me for about the rest of my cycle. I have about 100cc total right now at 75mg/ml.

    I couldnt make it to the gym today, i tried and pulled into the parking lot just as it was closing, i got really pissed and lost my ****. Shoulders was supposed to be today (Day 10) so i will be doing them tomorrow on saturday with some light triceps. Also i will be pinning some nice b12 (1cc) with my tren tomorrow morning. Going to be very very hyper tomorrow and energetic.

    Will keep you updated!
    Well, I ran it in the beggining of a 16 week 500 then 700 test enanthate cycle with the tren at 75 EOD and the tren made me feel like I was about to turn green and start smashin sh!t. Seriously, I almost killed my wifes cat. Next time I'll kickstart with dbol or something and run the tren towards the end of the cycle because when I stopped the tren, strength went down but I still had 6 weeks of test to go.
    Kinda scary to think how you must feel at 150 ED!
    Quote Originally Posted by madds87 View Post
    Im not to fond of taking serm's for long periods of time....

  15. Ya thats pretty interesting. I can keep the anger under control pretty well. I am a very very laid back person, from california and i surf a lot when im aggressive to calm me down.

    At 150mg ED im feeling awesome. I want to be on this dosage for a few weeks and see how it really feels once its in full effect. it should be around 3 weeks i have been hearing that it truly kicks in full throttle and i may need to bump it down a bit, or a lot.

  16. Day 12:
    Weight: 203 (havent weighted myself)
    Strength: Same (havent been to gym)
    Endurance: same
    Sex drive: Same (great as usual)
    Gyno: Getting better actually haha
    Prolactin: none
    Hair loss: None
    Aggression: Worse, i am getting more confrontational with arguements and want to argue and think that i am right about everything.
    Dosage: 150mg/ED
    Pin: 25G leur Lock 1.5in
    Brew: Same
    Appetitie: Going up actually again.

    Hey guys,

    So i pinned this afternoon at about 2pm and i pinned in my right quad. OUCH. I have ALWAYS hated doing quads, my quads aer really tight all the time and very hard all the time so it hurts pinning there no matter what, and the oil just hurts haha.

    I took a nap because i couldnt walk that well after i finished watch the masters. Yohoo Phil!

    I noticed i am beginning to have a lot of the bigger veins come out in my legs as well, its great. my legs are starting to look like my forearms.

  17. it seems like u like blasting and cruising, how much experience do u have with tren? 150mg ed is a crazy amount of tren, but next time im most likely going for 100mg ed

  18. Yes i am blasting a cruising. I have been on for about over a year now blasting and cruising. Also this is my first time using tren acetate. I have used enanthate before and had good success.

    The only major side effect i feel is that i am sleeping deeper, my aggression is going up, and i smell like grapes ha.

  19. Subbed. Are u planning on posting pics? I hope so

  20. Subbed. I'd like to rum tren ace and anavar- possibly with test e, too. I did dbol (alone) a year and a half ago with great results. Can I get your opinion on my stack idea? Appreciate it.

  21. Day 13:

    Weight: 201 (down 2 lbs)
    Strength: Strongest i have ever been on arms today
    Endurance: same
    Sex drive: Same (great as usual)
    Gyno: Getting better actually haha
    Prolactin: none
    Hair loss: None
    Aggression: Worse, i am getting more confrontational with arguements and want to argue and think that i am right about everything.
    Dosage: 150mg/ED
    Pin: 25G leur Lock 1.5in
    Brew: Same
    Appetitie: Not too hungry today for some reason.

    Hey guys, well the only thing that kind of knocked me off balance a little bit was my weight today. I am down two lbs. im at 201 not 203. But i have just taken a **** before i got on the scale so im guessing that might be why haha. But i am still looking bigger every day.

    To answer your questions, i will be posting some pictures after i finish the cycle, this log wouldnt be complete if i didnt. Although i dont have many before pictures as i dont take many pictures ha. I will try and dig some recent ones up though of some gym progress.

    Warmachine: DO NOT run tren with out some test. I am running a low dosage of test just to keep some of the sides at bay. Plus if you dont run test with tren, say bye bye sex drive. I do not have any experience with anavar, but i believe that some tren ace with a moderate dosage of anavar and a moderate dosage or test enth will be a good cycle, thats a lot of compounds though, be sure to not go overboard with the dosages.

    Update: Today i did biceps and triceps. WOW. I was throwing around lots of weight as usual. I noticed a TON of new veins popping out in my under belly triceps and biceps. My strength is going through the roof. My thighs are getting pretty vascular as well.

    Today i pinned in my left quad, same pain at the other day in my left quad. It actually feels like my knee hurts the most haha. But i ran to the gym and back today so my leg feel a little bit better and more relaxed from the oil, which is good. Only bad thing was that when i was running my legs got so god damn pumped i could barely walk haha. The pumps are incredible for some reason, maybe because i pinned my test today.. But then again tren does increase red blood cell count so that could be why as well..

    I found that with my aggression if i inject my b12 weekly that i am much happier and better off, almost like normal actually.

    Any other questions guys?

  22. Thanks for the advice!

  23. dont be dissapointed with the weight loss man. i cant gain weight for the life of me when i run tren, but the mild fatloss and solid muscle gains are worth it

  24. I completely agree with you. I understand the a lot of people that have run tren experience little to no scale weight gain but appear a lot more lean and larger in thickness and mass. I love how the tren causes my muscles to look a lot more dense and thick, its one of the only supplements that i have used that does this.

  25. Day 14:

    Stats the same except weight

    Weight: 202lbs (up 1 lb)

    Well this is interesting, i am up 1 lb and i have been sick the past two days. Just my allergies flaming right now, they always do this time of year. I have been eating regularly and i weighed myself this morning, naked, and after i took a **** and piss. I was very impressed.

    People are saying i am looking a lot thicker and wider, the look i love the most.

    Today i pinned in my glute, my quads are too sore. But i did work legs today. They hurt but it was a good burn to rip them up. And i did a lot of weight too, some of my top lifts today ahaha.

    Sorry today is a smaller post, i am just really out of energy and sick and am going to nap right now.

  26. Day 15:

    Stats are the same excepts weight

    Im up 1lb again ahah . 203lbs now.

    So today i pinned in my glute. Everything went fine as usual, i dont even feel the pain anymore haha.

    Yesterday i worked legs and did a fantastic job, and had veins shooting out of places i didnt know i had.

    Today im goign to workout chest and triceps, i will edit this post with how i felt today.

    I am STILL sick, i feel like yesterday was the worst, and today is a little better, i would give it till monday and i will be good as new.

    So i have been reading on up on tren cycles other people have ran, as i always obsess about what cycle im on and look at others progress or past progress as im on my own cycle haha just for fun.

    I dont understand the HUGE Warning behind tren. Everyone says that you need to be extremly careful with it because of the massive amounts of side effects from it and all this stuff. Well, i think this is completely over rated and a lot of what people say is exaggerated and just the horror stories. im running 150mg/day and thinking of bumping it up to 200mg/day. that 1400mg/week. some people think 300mg/week is far enough.

    Are the kids that are running the tren at that low of a dose, are they under 170lbs or something? are they all fat, and barely any muscle? I just dont see the big warning sign from the side effects that i get. Yes i sweat all the time, i have some insomnia, some night sweats, balls have shrunk a tad (barely any), sex drive is fine with 200mg test a week, agression is up (just use your head), and no prolactin.

    Use sleeping pills for the insomnia, use vitex or caber for prolactin, use armidex for your estro, use test for sex drive and balls, and use a fan for night sweats. SOLVED.

    Sorry, im just a sick old man and tired of hearing about thee horror stories about this drug.

    Anyone else think that same as me?

  27. personally i feel like i definintely need higher doses of tren to see much. my first tren cycle i ran 50mg eod and didnt feel much of anything after 2 weeks so i went to 75mg eod...didnt see/feel much...then went to 50mg ed and it got better.

    but next time im definitely starting at 100mg ed to see how things go


    Alright guys. BIG UPDATE ON CYCLE!

    This is huge to me.

    So i went to the gym today (Day 14) and did chest and triceps as usual right. WOW. I Threw up 405lbs on decline bench, 450lbs on Flat and 355 on incline bench. What the ****. That is by far my most i have ever put up in my life. I was just pumping these things out. It realllllyyy kicking in now. I am up to 203lbs SOLID right now. I feel like im loosing a bit of my fat in other places, the fat that i have that is, and im really feeling fantastic. I threw this weight up when i am sick too hahaha. I am really sick too, but getting better like i said. Cant keep me out of the gym. I did 140lb dumb bells chest press flat bench and WOW, 12 reps hahah 4 sets.. NUTS...

    I agree though that you need a high dosage to see any real significant gains from tren, similar to a moderate to high dosage of test. I cant wait to stack this with 1000mg of test a week though, i think i will BLOW up.

  29. Congratulations!

  30. Awesome progress!


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