is this true ?

  1. is this true ?

    During a cycle of bold/protodrol i start to have itchy nips and swollen feeling around my chest. So i started nolvadex for 20mg a day for the whole 6 weeks of the cycle. i had a few days of the nolva here and there as nolva stays in the system a while.

    For my pct I've started reversitol. and nolvadex every two days.

    On a forum i read. "never ever use an A.I after using nolvadex on a cycle as it can stall your HPTA and cause gyno."

    Is that true ? Its the first i've heard of it ?

  2. Sub
    Everything I say is fictional and for entertainment purposes only. Do not ask me for sources. I dont have any.

  3. dont believe everything you read on the forums....
    on the other hand why transition into res from nolva?

  4. i never add a A.I. in untill week 2 of my pct. at week 2 of your pct you should be fine to add it in imo

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