Questions regarding a possible PH cycle: M1T/4-AD/others

  1. Questions regarding a possible PH cycle: M1T/4-AD/others


    Some background on me:
    Age: 21
    Previous PH use: 1 cycle of 1-AD 6 months ago
    Weight: 190
    Currently bulking.

    I am thinking of doing the following:

    Week 1: 10mg M1T/400mg 4-AD
    Week 2: 15mg M1T/400mg 4-AD (uppping dose of M1T, assuming the sides from week 1 were tolerable)
    Week 3: A 5-AD, 4-AD, 19-Nor mixed product I have laying around. Don't even know the dose of each PH that is in it because it is not listed on the bottle and cannot be found anywhere online.
    Week 4: same.
    Week 5: 15mg M1T/400mg 4-AD
    Week 6: 15mg M1T/400mg 4-AD
    Weeks 7-10: Nolva and possibly 6-OXO?

    Support supplements: Multi vit., ALA, fish/flax, saw palmetto, milk thistle, Coq10, glucosamine/chond/MSM.


    1) Is it ok to use up this ****ty PH I have on the weeks 3 and 4 instead of completely going off and doing a 2 week PCT like some have done? The way I see it, I am still giving my liver somewhat of a break and as far as shut down, the 3 weeks of nolva/6-oxo should deal with that nicely.

    2) Concerning the PCT, any ideas on how much nolva I should run in this case? And also will adding in 6-OXO really help noticably or should I just save my money?

    3) Last but not least, I am coming off of an injury and have not lifted in almost 2 months. Would I be better off trying to make some gains naturally for a month or 2 and then using the androgens? Or will it not really make much of a difference?

    Thanks alot for any help, you guys are great.


  2. My suggestion is to run the 4ad alone a week before adding m1t, it will really help minimize the sides. You don't need 15mg either, I am 220 & a M1t vet, I never go over 10mg. The only thing I get from upping the dose is increased sides, gains are the same.

    1- I would dump that ****ty stuff, it's garbage. Nobody has used 5ad for 4-5 years, so chances are it's been sitting so long it's degraded anyway.

    2-Nolva for 4 weeks, start at 40mg/day week 1, then 30mg week 2, 20mg weeek 3, 10mg week 4. You can add some 6-oxo in there too if you want, it helps me recover faster with both.

    3-I think it's definitely a great idea to gain naturally a few months before the cycle. You can get back what you had real fast without androgens, then use the cycle to build off it.

  3. #3 - a suggestion I read 'somewhere' was that when coming back to the gym from a layoff, 2 weeks for every 1 week you were away - before you start a cycle. Since it's been about 2 months off, get back into a steady routine and hold off on the cycle for 3-4 months.

  4. Thanks for the great replies.

    So you think it is best to completely forego using the ****ty PH, thus should I simply do a 2on/2off strategy w/ the M1T and 4-AD? Is that b/c you think the PH will hinder gains?

    In this case I would run the nolva on weeks 2-4 and 6-8 correct? 40mgs/day for weeks 1 and 5, 30mgs/day for weeks 2 and 6? Should I save the 6-OXO for another time, or would it help keep the gains?

    And I think I will hold off for at least 2 months.

  5. Yeah, don't bother at all with that crap.
    You could either use 4ad alone for a week, then m1t/4ad for 4 weeks. Or you could run 2on-2off-2on, I would still preload the 4ad. If you do go with 2on-2off-2on, Take the nolva at 40mg/20mg for your 2 weeks off, then take it for 3-4 more weeks weeks at the end. Or you could even run 4ad alone for the 2 weeks in the middle, in that case you wouldn't need the nolva until the end.

    I have run m1t for 2 weeks & 4 weeks. For me 90% of the size gains are in weeks 1-2, but the strength gains come in weeks 3-4.

    You'll be fine with nolva alone, but many (including me) say adding 6-oxo helps recovery.

  6. The only reason I would use the crappy product is for the 19 Nor. IF it is dosed high enough it does have a positive effect on tendons and joints. It kills libido though.

    5AD I know nothing about.

  7. I think I will go with 4 AD for 6 weeks and add in M1T for weeks 2-5. I don't like the idea of the 2 on 2 off anymore after reading all the responses from people who have done this method and have gained almost nothing after the first 2 weeks cycle. If I do this 6 week cycle I mentioned, how long do you think I should run the PCT of 6-OXO and nolva? 3 weeks or 4 weeks?

  8. You'll need 4 weeks PCT. You'll be shut down pretty hard from 4 weeks m1t, I'd run both the nolva & the 6-oxo.

  9. Thanks for the reply... I guess I have my cycle then. Now I just need to decide if I want to a) increase the amount of 4-AD and b) pin some HCG to speed up the recovery... I don't want to lose have ANY unneccessary losses in LBM post cycle.

    I will keep you all updated an post the blood work post cycle... hmm maybe I should start a thread in the training log forum.


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