First cycle lots of options? help

  1. First cycle lots of options? help

    stats- 23, lifting over 5 years, family members were ex pro bodybuilders.

    First off let me say that my stash of prohormones and other things are making me anxious to start something. I have been taking formestane now for at least eight weeks. Im about to jump on lean extreme im heading from 181 to 172 for a cut.

    Currently in my possession are two bottles of tren, and two bottle odf d zine on bottle of formex and some dianabol.

    This will be my first cycle, Im not afraid of the idea of juic or anything but I just want to try a prohormone first even though im sure the feeling is different and the side affects are worse.

    I have several questions.

    1. Im afraid to take the d zine because of how new it is and so many logs are out about delayed gyno and such. The tren im afraid of because I want a working penis on cycle, after cycle if its dead for a month, big woop.

    This will be a summer cycle, I want to be lean so I will lean bulk.

    Goal- 13 to 15 pounds on cycle and keep at least ten after pct.

    So my idea is halodrol and dermacrine together. less sides.
    I want to run them for a long time though 12 weeks total like a real test cycle.

    my plan
    dermacrine solo for weeks 1-4 at 5 pumps per day.

    Halodrol- weeks 5-10 at whatever the board here sees fit for my goals.

    dermacrine 11-12 at 4 pumps first week than three pumps the last week.

    Testosterone recovery stack- sustain alpha and the whole package
    lean extreme
    glyco carn
    more n.o and beta alinine
    same e
    formex-IBE version of formestane.
    maybe even sarms s4

    This pct is expensive and overkill but I think the idea of overkill could help me get stronger through pct.

    I feel my test is highly suceptable to damage because it was tested once and it was low enough that the doctor told me that if it were twenty points lower he would consider giving me testosterone replacement therapy. That would be great but I no longer have health insurance.

    What do you guys think? for the h drol- I want it to be really strong and I have heard that its week. I have seen many 50-75 mg logs but what about dosage of 100mg or more in my cycle. basically I want steroid gains! with prohormones is this possible with these two?

    Honestly, If dianabol without test would make me a fake 25 pounds heavier for a while and at the end I kept ten pounds than I would day that the d bol is more worth taking period, at least you look huge for a while and have the same gains as some prohormones.

    Sorry about grammar and its length Im just really anxious to start something. And I bet your all wondering why I bought all these prohormones if im not using them. Because Im a idiot who listened to a salesman at nutrishop. I said I want a prohormone that wont kill my **** while on cycle, and he says here take the tren! what a ****

  2. So how hardcore can you go with h drol ? Since this cycle is long should i get hcg?

  3. anybody?

  4. Good luck

    I would do a sd then bridge into Hdrol and form for some fun but honestly 12 weeks sounds stupid and you would need HCG I believe.

    Why not do a 4 week SD cycle then 4 week pct and if you like it then start the real stuff and move on from silly ideas like a 12 week oral cycle.
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  5. Uck. I'd use the tren probably, and if I had to get cialis/levitra for erections. But nothing ever gives me issues there

    Or use the dbol + formex together. might see decent gains like that.

    13-15 pounds on halo isn't likely as far as lean gains. sure you can gain that much including fat, but not too likely as lean only. Honestly dzine would be your closest bet do doing that, with the tren even depending on your dose its somewhat unlikely.

  6. Thanks for the replies guys, I wont do a twelve week cycle. Im saving the tren for a harder cycle, if I stack it with test I should have no sex issues I assume.? I will do at least eight weeks of dermacrine, H drol but start h drol week four. 75/100/100/75. maybe a 5th week? Cialis and viagra dont help boners if you have no sex drive.

    I have a lot of general questions with prohormones and eating. I know it sounds like i dont know what im doing but I have researched this for a whole year. So for my bodyweight I have determined that lean bulk is around 3,010 calories per day. So I would start my calories at this level when on something like dermacrine. But when I switch to h drol I will raise calories but I want to raise them as least as possible. Its bette for kepping a small waist and keeps my wallet more full. would 4,000 be enough of a increase? I mean if I eat 5,000 calories for two months I put on 5 pounds of fat anyway so what really is the prohormone even doing if I have to raise them that high.

    Oh and EAsy, The Dbol and formex sounds fun together. I would want sustain and dermacrine in there as a base right? I have read logs about this being a ridiculous idea but I dont see how it could hurt my d bol gains so why not? Oh and as a additive to my base I could get about 2 mg of testim 1% because my pop hands me his used packets and i cut them open and get about that much. Im not sure if it does anything besides a placebo affect at that point but it couldnt hurt right?

  7. wow.

    well, here's my cycle advice.

    dermacrine (5 pumps) hd @ 75mg stacked for 4 weeks

    hd solo 75mg last two weeks. 6 weeks total.

    pct: tr stack plus 20mg of nolva for 3 weeks.

    btw, yes hd can convert into oral turinabol, but it is an active steroid on it's own already. most of the results you see are from the hd, not anything converted.

    almost all so called pro hormones are actually full blown steroids. dimethazine, superdrol, pheraplex hdrol, etc.

    there are only a handful of pro anything out right now, 1-dhea, 4-dhea, 19nor-dhea, pro dienolone (tren), dhea.

    you are dealing with oral steroids, I think you should know this. and pick up one or both or these books----v


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