M-Drol & Tren under the weather

  1. M-Drol & Tren under the weather

    Hey all.

    Going into my 4th week on MDrol & 2nd on Tren as of yesterday. Well, as of yesterday morning, I feel like a$$!!! Can't breathe! Both the wife & son are sick as well.. Had to skip the gym today, & more than likely, I'll have to skip tomorrow. My next day available to hit the gym won't be until Saturday! I also skipped my dosing on the 'drol & tren. Pumped nothing but vitamin c & multis all day w/ plenty of clean food & a ton of water.

    Hit shoulders yesterday & felt pretty good. As soon as I got home, I felt feverish too.. Looking pretty good today, but damn, I can't wait to get back to the gym!

    Here's my question: This would've been my 4th & final week on the mdrol, so should I just cut my losses w/ that & end it now? I'd like to start back up on the Tren as soon as I'm feeling better. If not tomorrow, definitely by Wed. As of now, I've had absolutely zero sides and have gained some good, clean weight.

    Enough jibber jabber, what would y'all do?

  2. If you have done a full 3 weeks of Mdrol and plan on continuing Tren for the remainder of the cycle (4 more weeks?), then you could drop it. Most people will tell you to i'm sure. It depends on how BAD you feel, and If you have a bad fever. if you can muster some energy, and atleast do some pushups and other home exercises, I would continue the last week of M and hope to sweat it out at home, force yourself to eat and get back in the gym on SAT as planned or earlier. P.S. Get some echanacia(Spell check) immune system fighter.

  3. Thanks. I might go ahead & stop the m.. That way I think I'll have enough for another 3 week run. I'll pour them out & count to make sure. As for the Tren, I have 3 more weeks of it. I'll see how I feel tomorrow. Might be able to knock out some pushups. Good call on the echanacia! Forgot all about that stuff!

  4. Yeah, sounds good man! Good luck, finish strong.

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