Mdrol Batch 52897 June 2012

  1. Mdrol Batch 52897 June 2012

    If anyone has any of this batch I can definitely give a thumbs up as far as its effectiveness and the results it has given me. I realize that each person is different but these are what it has done for me. Side note: I'm a competetive powerlifter so my weight did not go up as much as it could have due to me regulating my calories.

    Flat Bench Press - Went from 385 raw to 440
    Flat DB Press - 150's for 6
    Shoulder DB Press - Went from 100 x 6 to 130 X6
    JM Press - Went from 275 X 3 to 315 X 6 and 325 X 3
    Flat Bench Pin Press - Went from 455 X 3 to 555 X3
    Floor press - Went from 365 for a max single to 400 for max single
    3 Board Press (raw) - Went from 455 max single to 505 for a max single
    At the MHP booth this weekend at the Arnold I put up my bodyweight (240) for 33 reps.

    I realize that most of this is upper body but I am a bench specialist so that is what I concentrate on. My deadlifts and squat numbers went up but I do max sets of 3-5 reps on those so I really don't have the numbers to measure my max effort. My body measurements went up as I constantly was questioned as to how big I was getting but I don't measure by arms, chest, etc consistently as I could care less. They are good size (arms are probably 18+ inches and my chest is over 50) but I know i'm not Jay cutler either so I don't care.

    This is my 3rd week at 20 MG /ed. I am bridging into Spawn next week to finish off my cycle into my meet. The Spawn should harden me up and allow me to keep my weight and the power the Mdrol brought on but not put me over 242. right now I'm at 240. I'm starting my shirt work next week and am looking to hit 550-600 at my meet.


    Headaches due to increased BP. I had been on Hawthorne Berry weeks before the MDROL started but it was my first MDROL cycle so I wasn't sure how it would effect me. After the headaches started I increased my HB and it seemed to help.

    Increased BP - See above

    Increased Cholesterol- Last blood test in July had me at 230 (I'm have always had a naturally high Chol level due to genetics) it was 282 a week ago. My liver numbers were fine.

    Libido- Shot to hell but I can still get a hardon so that's promising

    I'll keep everyone posted if interested as to how the bridge into the Spawn went and my numbers at the meet.


  2. running the same batch now... tommorrows my last day.. def a good batch

    u think your libido's bad now wait till after the spawn .. is this a tested event? why not run test p with your cycle to help the sides

  3. Good to hear! I have the same batch

  4. I had better results off this batch of mdrol than the anadrol 50 I'm doing now, way more strenght on mdrol

  5. anybody ran the 013' batch yet?



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