Test-Cyp - Deca - Cycle + pct/hcg Question

  1. Test-Cyp - Deca - Cycle + pct/hcg Question

    Hello all! 1st time here as a member but been reading up here and there regarding cycles but not to my specific cycle I'm about to start. This is actually going to be my 2nd time gearing up. 1st time wasn't that good nor I had a good source back then so I only had one test-cyp that I ran for about 12 weeks, took clomid for PCT 2 weeks after cycle for about 4-5 weeks (decent turnout -- just happy no gyno!). Anyway, I'm on to the new stuff after 3-4 years.

    Here's what I got and this is what I plan to do (please feel free to recommend and suggest whatever -- this is why I am here!)

    Planning to run:


    Test-Cyp + Deca until I reached my goal weight or desired gain.(maybe total of 6 weeks + 2 weeks (test-cyp cycle only)

    6 weeks:
    Mon = 1cc test-cyp
    Wed = 1cc deca
    Fri = 1cc test-cyp

    2 weeks:
    MWF = 1cc test-cyp

    Androgenvermischungen (mixed: test-prop/tren/drostanolon-prop) will be ran for 4 weeks at 1cc 4Xweek... (I plan to shoot on my workout days)
    Mon = 1cc
    Tue = 1cc
    Wed = off
    Thu = 1cc
    Fri = 1cc

    I'm 30 yrs old
    height = 5'8"
    weight = 153-154
    goal = 185lbs

    Currently, I'm taking Milk Thistle, Evening Primose Oil 1300, and Fish Oil before bedtime. I take 1-2 spoon of Barlean's Flax Seed Oil a day with my protein shake + 1 500mg Taurine tabs per day. I eat clean everyday with no cheat days! Hard to do but been doing it so far for 2 months, no sweat...


    - Do I run PCT after I'm finished with my bulking cycle (after running test+deca) or should I take it after my cutting up cycle?
    - What's a good PCT specifically for my cycle?
    - Do I need HCG with this cycle? If so, which one and what recommendation of intake should I be doing? again when do I take it?

    These are the questions I got so far but will be posting more questions as i go...

    *** Will be posting before and after pics after my cycle ***

    Keep Beastin'!

  2. My suggestion would be to put on more weight naturally. Having already done one cycle ur stats clearly show that ur diet and or training are not up to par.

    No way in he'll I'd recommend the above cycle to anyone with ur lack of knowledge and experience.

    If anything, run test @ 500mg/week for 12 weeks... Ur diet will directly reflect ur results so eat accordingly

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