Mdrol Pulsing Question

  1. Mdrol Pulsing Question

    I started an Mdrol cycle last week. I was going to do 3 or 4 weeks at 20mg per day. I had not really planned on this cycle but a buddy of mine had an extra bottle of Mdrol and gave it to me. After 4 days on it I stopped because I decided that I did not want to deal with PCT and shutdown issues because I am getting married in 2 months.

    BUT I was wondering if I could pulse it 3 days a week at 20 or 30mgs in the morning and get away with no serm pct and no shutdown issues. I have read up on pulsing but just wanted to get some opinions on this.

  2. Hmmm....nobody wants to touch this one. OK, how bout this one......Is pulsing Bullsh*t? It sounds too good to be true.....

  3. Man sometimes you have to wait longer than 2 hours for a response

  4. LOL.....yep, I am impatient......Do you mean that the whole board is not just waiting to see if triton185 posted something?! I thought this place existed solely to serve ME!! LOL

  5. the problem is that everyone responds in their own way

    ie some people recover easily or dont get shutdown much and vice versa. you wont know what kinda person you are til you try.

    with any PH/DS there is always a risk of shutdown, but as many have done (succesful or not) is have all their bases covered if theyre going otc. eg atd, bioforge, etc...

  6. Pulsing will limit sides but not eliminate all of them and you may be shutdown some, i would do pct with an m-drol pulse, read how to pulse orals and you will find all of your answers

  7. I guess if I pulse I will end up doing the same pct as if I had just run a regular cycle. I just hate the idea of being shutdown......I did one 12 cycle of sustanon 250 and recovered nicely......but 2 weeks on epi and I was shut down like crazy and it took forever to get back to normal even using clomid. Thanks guys.....I will just pack the mdrol up for another day.


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