1-androsterone utt new! Anabolic

  1. 1-androsterone utt new! Anabolic

    hi im new to this forum and im wanting to find out some info on supplements. i do work out and have been working out off and on for a few years but i havent ever got into the supplement part of working out.

    my question is.
    is this stuff safe and does it work???
    do you need to stack with this 4-AD or Arom-X??? if so whats the reason behind it????
    how long will it take before i start to see any kind of change??? im guessing about a month?
    does this have bad side effects?? the only side effects i can find about this seem good but cant seem to find anything bad about this stuff.

    anything else i should know please let me know and thanks for your help sorry if this is a newb question but i got to learn from some where

  2. Cassavus
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    Alright...first of all I'm going to ask : ? Second, how old are you? If you've never gotten in to 'supplements', I'd suggest staying away from any PH/DS and first try creatine, protein, BCAAs, and fish oil. Also, you should not be working out off and on. You need to be consistent for at least 3 or 4 years. Most importantly, take a look at your diet. If you're not dieting correctly, then now would be a great time to start.

  3. i did search but didnt find what i was looking for.

    im 24 and ive done creatine before and i take wheybolic protein powder now.
    well my reasoning for working out off and is because i got really sick last year and had to stop working out for about 4 or 5 months and now im just now getting back into it again and trying to get a new clean start off once again but i want more of a build and something that can give me a bost along the way.

    my diet isnt bad at all but i do need to change it up some.

  4. well u dont need 1-ad if ur still shopping at gnc for protein. if u must take something try a natty test booster before u screw urself up
  5. Cassavus
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    Use the Live Search at the top of the page and type in 1-Androsterone. You'll get results. But in short 1-Androsterone converts to 1-Testosterone, it doesn't need to be stacked but it can be, and the only problem I've had with it is the lethargy. No PH/DS is really ever safe (to say), and should be used with caution. I would recommend a lot of research before you go diving into this. I researched for a year before I even decided what I was going to take. And if you do decided to jump in, you better have your PCT ready to go...

  6. i had to get more protein where else could i go get it haha. gotta shop some where to get what you want.

    ive been looking at diff supplements off and on this one does seem to be very good but i have found out it can cause your harm if you take to much or not sure what your doing. i no its close to a steroid and has some of the same side effects.

    i research anything before i buy it yeah the adds make it sound just so nice but i dont go by what their add says. i want to no how it works what it does and what it can and cant do.


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