Winstrol residual time

  1. Winstrol residual time

    Can winstrol actually be detected 6 months after ceasing use and if so how?

    An athlete is giving the excuse that traces of winstrol were still being stored in his fat long after he had stopped use - as the reason for his positive test.

    Any truth to that?? Can steroids, esterified or not be stored in adipose tissue?

  2. The questions above are in reference to Tim Sylvia's case with the NSAC. The NSAC has allegedly a threshold of 0.1-0.2 limit (no idea on what unit) on various steroid metabolites. So someone could test below the limit and pass. I never heard of a steroid test having thresholds.

    Could anyone enlighten me on the steroid testing procedures??

  3. Sylvia tried to slip through the cracks and got busted, AGAIN.

    There is no way that he would still fail a drug test if he truly has been clean for 6 months and he only used winny.

    UFC is better without him, he should just move to Pride since he seems to be unable to train without the gear and Pride doesn't test it's fighters.

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