EPI and EQ Plex cycle

  1. EPI and EQ Plex cycle

    I am running

    EPI 20/30/30/40
    EQ plex 600/600/800/800/800/800

    I started off with the eq for a week prior to starting the EPI and plan to continue it for a couple weeks after. ( currently on second week of cycle first week with EPI)
    I am looking to lean out a little and get some strength gains.
    I have noticed some back pumps, and tight arms and legs, is this normal.
    What should I look for in terms of strengh gains?
    Would this cycle allow me to drop my calories low for a couple weeks and keep my strength up?

    Current stats
    290 lbs

    Squat 550-585?
    Bench 470
    DL 630

    Thanks guys

  2. Epi is known to cause back pumps for some. Dose some Taurine if it gets to be too much. Between 3-6g is what is commonly used. i.e. 3g if not too bad and 3g pre with 3g post workout if really bad.
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  3. Thanks for the reply copycat. Will do.

  4. I agree with copycat. Pick up some Taurine, its dirt cheap. Some formulations like BCS Lab's Cycle Stack already include it.
  5. dpfisher
    dpfisher's Avatar

    EQ Plex gave me calf pumps, I think. I'm not really sure what the term means, but walking more than 1/2 mile became a struggle because my calves would just lock up.



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