Rate my cycle, criticism is welcomed!

  1. Rate my cycle, criticism is welcomed!

    This will be a bulking cycle without adding to much excessive fat.

    1-6 PP 1-T

    I'll add 7 units of insulin 3 times a week along with 10 units of hGH PWO.

    I'm still considering what I should stack with my 1-T. Perhaps a low dose of 10mg of S-drol ED or 20-30mg of Cynostane.

    HCG will be administered during the cycle. 250iu e4d.

    How does this look to you guys?

  2. Bump =)

  3. how long are you running hgh? what kind of tops?

  4. Diamond for 6 months then generic Novo hGH for 6 months.

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